On Deck for Next Week: Bike Themed City Council Meeting


Back in July, the City Council Transportation Committee hosted its first bike-themed meeting in recent memory.  This month, they are planning on outdoing themselves.  Next Friday, November 21 at 1 P.M., the Transportation Committee will hold a hearing on six different bike themed measures as well as the continuing the shuttle service to Dodger Stadium, and a RAND Corporation report outlining short-term strategies to reduce traffic.

The bicycle related motions up for discussion include updates on the Sharrows Program, bicycle licensing, and the Bike Master Plan.  For a complete agenda for this special meeting, click here.

Next week, in the five days leading up to the meeting, Streetsblog will take a look at the five bike measures on the agenda and breakdown what is going to be discussed and what the potential outcomes are.  Until then, have a great weekend everyone!

Photo: Guy William Wench/Flickr

  • Awesome! What time is the City Council Meeting? I want to go!

    Also, you misspelled “council” in the headline. :P

  • It’s at 1pm, Panasonic. How are you doing? Everyone was/is worried about you.

  • If we go, will we have any effect on the decisions made?

    I doubt it, but I’m going to try and be there anyway.

  • I think anyone who cares about cycling who can go should go. Even if you don’t personally say a word, each person there as part of the cyclist group will add weight to those who speak. We need these people to feel our presence as a real constituency that demands respect.

  • I only ask because I know from experience that without a pre-game runup to the council meeting, and a direct, intelligible, message from a named advocacy group, a room full of “concerned citizens” typically get jack and squat done in a public hearing in L.A.

    After public speaker number 4 complains about dogs on the bike path, and number five urges the council to do what they are doing already (place an emphasis on bikes), council people’s eyes glaze over and they know that this is mickey mouse politics as usual.

    If any of our paid advocacy staffers in L.A. could put together a small platform of issues on each of these items, contact council staff and constituents in each relevant councilperson’s district, call council people to cull votes in a certain direction, and then show up on game day with a solid crowd of knowledeable people to help the council make an informed decision – then you’re talking about rapid change in L.A.

    It really doesn’t take much more than that, unless you run into some vested interests or start a political kerfuffle of some sort.

    Barring the above, I really don’t know how effective a large group of bike people will be (sadly), though our shared “concern” might push the council members to bloviate more than usual about how pro our issue they are.

    What can I say? I’m a lousy cynic. If only I had a salary behind me to do this kind of work :( If only those who do get paid to do this kind of work DID this kind of work!


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