Interested in Getting Involved With Streetfilms?

Streetfilms’ Most Popular Offering Looked at Separated Bike Lanes

Given the success and buzz created by the two most recent LA Streetfilms, I thought it was time to remind everyone that there are several ways you can get involved in the Streetfilms’ movement.

First, and perhaps most obviously, you can apply to be a Streetfilms freelancer.  If you’re interested, send me a story idea, at, a description of your experiences and some examples of your work.  Film making experience is a must, but a working knowledge of the Livable Streets Movement and transportation issues would be helpful as well.

Second, both Clarence and I would be happy to help put together a Streetfilms’ screening or to provide DVD’s of Streetfilms to be shown at special events.  Hosting a movie night?  Looking for transportation related entertainment for a fundraiser?  We’d be happy to help.  Just send me an email.

Third, Streetfilms is hosting a t-shirt contest to help come up with new story ideas.  The winning idea has to be shootable in New York for the time being, but if people wanted to suggest what we should do for our next LA Streetfilm, leave a suggesiton in the comments section here instead of the Streetfilms’ thread.

For all out Streetfilms’ fans that aren’t interested in actively participating, never fear.  There’s still one more LA Streetsfilm "in the can" that we ought to have online soon…


Streetfilms Looking for Freelancers

With an enormous number of livable streets stories and activities on the horizon in, Streetfilms will be looking for help. Yes, Los Angeles, this job posting isn’t just for New Yorkers, it’s for us as well. If you liked the two Streetfilms we’ve already completed in Los Angeles, and would like to give it a […]

Streetfilms: (Portland) Bike Box!

<sigh> Another Streetfilm about how awesome Portland is.  It’s time to take a stand, Angelenos!  You Portlanders might have your complete streets, balanced transportation system, colored bike lanes and bike boxes; but I get to ride my bike on the sidewalk!  Whenever I want to!  So, there! </sigh> Like Brad Aaron before me, I must […]

CicLAvia Is…En Español

A huge Streetsblog thank you to David Barboza, who accepted our challenge and subtitled this year’s Streetfilm on CicLAvia.  Unfortunately, we can’t embed the film with the subtitles, but if you click on the image above it will take you to the Streetfilms page for the film.  Just set the “language” in the lower left […]