Transit Blamed for Suburban St. Louis Crime

1316834466_9ccbd09338.jpgLast week Freakonomics picked up a story from the Riverfront Times
that connects an uptick in shoplifting, fighting and other crimes in
the St. Louis suburbs to a two-year-old expansion of the city’s
MetroLink rail system.

Ask virtually any
store manager at the Saint Louis Galleria about shoplifting, and you’ll
invariably get two responses: One, it’s out of control; and two, it’s
gotten exceedingly worse since August 2006, when MetroLink opened a
stop just 500 yards from the high-end shopping center.

In the
first six months of this year, Richmond Heights police made 345 arrests
at the mall. That’s nearly double the number of arrests made in all of
2005, before MetroLink opened its Shrewsbury line.

More alarming are the numbers of juveniles (kids under the age of
seventeen) arrested at the mall. This year police are on pace to take
276 juveniles into custody for shoplifting and other offenses — a
sevenfold increase over the 39 kids arrested at the Galleria in 2005.

"I know it’s not politically correct, but how else do you explain
it?" comments a frustrated Galleria store manager.

everyone is as reactionary. A police officer who regularly patrols the
mall, asked to explain the "surge," replied: "Who knows? Perhaps it’s
the downturn in the economy. Or maybe it’s the need for teens to feel
like they have to wear the latest fashions."

course it could also be that improved transit brings more people in
general, or that authorities are more likely to target those who appear
out of place for engaging in activities that might otherwise go
overlooked. But after establishing its "city problems invade the
‘burbs" theme, the story avoids such analysis, relying instead on rote
"he said she said" coverage. To wit:

Richmond Heights police reported arresting three adult males — ages 23,
29 and 31 — implicated in a string of thefts earlier this summer.
According to Macy’s loss-prevention officers, the men would enter the
department store, conceal merchandise under their clothes and then
hightail it across the Galleria parking lot to the MetroLink station.
By the time Macy’s officers realized what had been stolen, the men were
already on a train out of town.

"Just as we don’t blame the automobile industry if someone commits a
crime with a car, you need to be careful about blaming the mode of
transportation for some of these recent isolated incidents," says
[Metro spokeswoman] Dianne Williams.

Photo of St. Louis Galleria: merfam/Flickr

  • Mill

    Just thought I’d post a link to a local St. Louis forum where people try to intelligently talk about the issue.

  • Mill,
    Your intention is well appreciated, but in the light of poorly deployed excuses regarding “political correctness” (and I am not implying you, please know), perhaps we should all stop bearing children so as to eliminate this criminal scourge of kids, as well as prevent the promotion of morons.
    Then again, it is St. Louis, and the “art” that defines the town is rather arousing, if not highly politically incorrect. (I have with a lover taken those little ball-shaped tramways to the top of the Arch and lemme tell you, the mile-high-club is boring as well as stinky!)

  • BusTard telling everyone to stop having children is about as useful as teaching abstinence. You must have been drinking when you put this up.

    Why don’t you just suggest we kill and eat children? At least that will be more fun. You know like Jonathan Swift suggested in Modest Proposal.


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