Wiki Wednesday: Zero VMT Vehicles

In a StreetsWiki entry on zero VMT vehicles,
Streetsblog regular gecko proposes that a focus on shifting mode share
to human-powered vehicles like bikes and the Aerorider (right) would be
the most efficient means to bring necessary reductions in greenhouse
gases, and would transform Manhattan, for one, into a bright green

Since it is only people
that are being moved, using modular vehicles the size and weight of
human beings, and optimally much smaller, is a much better, more agile
and cost-effective way to move them. Bicycles would be the first step
in achieving such systems, by converting 40% of New York City travel to
cycling, as in Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Borrowing from successes of
Parisian Vélib and German public bike systems, scaled up to
significantly service New York’s 8.5 million daily commuter population,
will be the most expedient cost-effective first step in implementing
modern and immediately valuable transit improvements.

Ultimately, if zero VMT vehicles replace standard vehicles there may be justification to consider them negative VMT vehicles;
doubly so if they can serve as modular components of transit systems to
greatly improve systemic efficiencies, practicality, and costs.

could see this entry being expanded with info, for instance, on how
bike share can serve to complement existing transit systems by
relieving overcrowding. Any takers? If so, sign up for Livable Streets account to add to this or any other article.

  • Oh, man, if I had an Aerorider Los Angeles would be my little people-powered oyster, year round. It would be nice to be able to ride around in the rainy season and not have to wear dorky pants. Where can we get one in Los Angeles? Who wants to open a dealership with me?


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