Today’s Headlines

  • City Wants to Slow Down Traffic on Eagle Rock, Won’t Consider Road Diet (Bottleneck Blog)
  • Falling Gas Prices Aren’t Fixing Economy (Daily News)
  • How I’m Voting for Transportation on November 4 (Street Heat)
  • High-Speed Rail Could Spur California Towns to Become More Urban, Transit-Oriented (SF Chron)
  • Cyclist Strikes, Kills Pedestrian in Pacific Palisades (LAist)
  • The LAPD and Racial Profiling (Times)
  • Ma-Ma-Ma My Ballona (Metblogs)
  • Anonymous.

    Does that LAPD one really have anything to do with transit? Kind of a weak connection if you ask me.

  • The LA Times does have to do with transit. What is going on via the LAPD in regards to profiling is one of the main reasons that transit is the way it is in LA. LA transit sucks because it was dismantled in part, because certain people didn’t want other people in their neighborhood. That’s why the Red Line doesn’t go to Santa Monica or even near it, that’s why the rails reach to lots of areas that are nowhere or where nowhere. Hollywood and Highland used to be drug/prostitute/bad stuff in general central when the Red Line was first built.

    The LA Times connection is only a weak connection if you don’t understand history and don’t care about history and think you can fix anything without reviewing history.

    Good luck with that.