Ad Nauseum: San Diego’s Road to Happiness

I know this is probably old news to some of you, San Diego has been running it’s Road to Happiness tourism campaign since August, but what can I tell you?  I have Tivo.

The above ad, which I can only assume was filmed before the "gas crisis" this summer features still shots of people loving life in their cars as they drive the freeways to the Car-Culture-Capital-in-Waiting, San Diego.  In the background a song plays about how darn happy these people are to be driving.  Hooray, cars!

About half way through the commercial, they mercifully switch to shots of other things one can do in San Diego such as play on the beach, go to the zoo, or watch the Padres lose before a narrator takes over:

San Diego’s paving the way to your next getaway with great deals on all the best hotels and attractions.  The road to happiness starts at

Get it?  Paving the way.  Because there’s apparently no other way to get to San Diego than by car. Hilarious.

  • I took the (gasp) train. I took a morning Surfliner from Van Nuys to San Diego’s main statio (whose name escapes me right now). I put my bike on the train, did some biking at the other end, and took an afternoon train home the next day. To make the trip even more pleasant, I paid $14 extra each way for business class.

    My only complaint is that an entire Surfliner only accommodates three bikes.

  • It may look like I’m smiling to them asphalt junkies down there Sandiegoville, but it’s really a painful grimace.

  • I watched that video and threw up in my mouth a little when the narrator said “… paving the way to your next getaway …”

    Aren’t there enough car commercials already?

  • Need2Know

    Does anyone know who is the singer and the name of the song in the commercial? Looked everywhere online with no luck.
    Any one? :) Thanks!

  • It is actually oddly appropriate, since San Diego is the only California metropolitan area that completed their freeway system as it was designed in the 60’s.

  • The San Diego Trolley system is actually pretty nice. I grew up in east county San Diego, and rarely used the trolley, but for those closer to the downtown area it is quite useful.

    Surfliner is nice, except that it takes 4-5 hours and actually costs more than the cost of driving, even during last year’s higher gas prices. Too bad the CA HSR link between L.A. and S.D. is even farther off in the future than the rest of the line.

    Oh, and the main train station in S.D. is called Santa Fe Depot.

    But seriously, it really is hard to get around greater S.D. without a car, but such is the case in most of this state.

  • I think it’s a great spot…made me proud to know I was taking a driving vacation soon…it appeals to what a lot of American families will look to this year, short road trips, car camping with groups, friends, vacationing within 3-4 hours drive etc.


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