Today’s Headlines


  • LAPD Lets Buses, Other Cops, Run Red Lights (Bus Bench)
  • Down to the Big Two in Detroit? GM and Chrysler May Merge (NYT)
  • California Opens New Ethanol Plant (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • Obama Stimulus Plan Would Double Loan Guarantees for Car Makers (NYT)
  • Will Americans Stop Believing That Higher Gas Prices Are Here to Stay? (Time)
  • NJ Turnpike Authority Votes to Raise Tolls (AP, MTR)


  • OCTA Ridership Still Soaring (OC Metro
  • Are LA’s Parking Minimums Hurting the City? (Curbed
  • Bus Bench‘s Simon For High Speed Rail and Measure R  
  • Transit LA: Yes on Measure R 
  • As Gas Prices Fall, Will Car Culture Rebound? (Daily News)


  • LAPD’s War Against Non-Drivers Continues (Angelinic)
  • Global Car Sales May ‘Collapse’ Next Year (Reuters
  • What’s Not To Like About Metro’s "Congestion Pricing? (CityWatch)
  • USC Prof.: SoCal Trains Unsafe and Underfunded (Times)
  • Shares of Auto Makers Take Huge Hit (NYT)
  • Exhurban Nation Predicts Measure R Will Fail
  • Bike Commute Benefit Wasn’t Enough to Win Blumenauer’s Support for Bailout (NYT)