Today’s Headlines

  • So Much for Cell Phones, Witnesses Said Metrolink Had Green Light Before Crash (LAist, LA Now)
  • Metrolink Operations Contractors Finally Release Statement on 9/12 Crash (Bottleneck Blog)
  • State Takeaways Could Cause Transit Cuts (Contra Costa Times)
  • Metro Day Passes Being Stolen and Sold (Daily News)
  • How Will Detroit Use Its $25B in Guaranteed Loans? (NYT)
  • Family Wants Justice for Driver Who Killed Daughter in 2004 (SGV Tribune)
  • Bush Appointee Will Decide Fate of OC Toll Road Days Before Inauguration (Times)
  • Attack Ad Mocks Congressional Candidate for Saying People Should Walk and Bike (TreeHugger)
  • Outside Mag Interviews Bike Commuting Congressman Earl Blumenauer