Cartoon Tuesday: Who’s Gonna Keep You Supplied, Man?


From cartoonist Mark Fiore comes this animation
of a hyperactive Ziploc baggy. Before clicking through to see why it’s
so amped up, here’s some suggested reading from the New York Times:

Sex, Drug Use and Graft Cited in Interior Department

Frustration in the South as a Gasoline Shortage Drags On

Enjoy the afternoon and Shana Tovah to everyone ringing in the new year.


Happy Independence Day

This will be my last post until Monday barring something unbelievably major happening over the weekend. Happy Independence Day everyone. Hopefully we can all celebrate our independence from Car Culture in our own ways this weekend. Above is a Streetfilm from New York where a community has taken back their street for a block party. […]

New Bike Lanes Striped On Wilshire Boulevard In Westwood Condo Canyon

The city of L.A. Department of Transportation (LADOT) is putting the finishing touches on new bike lanes on Wilshire Boulevard in Westwood. The new bike lanes run 0.7 miles from Selby Avenue to Beverly Glen Boulevard. They extend the existing Wilshire bike lanes that currently run 0.2 miles from Beverly Glen to Comstock Avenue. The new bike […]

Bush Budget "Bad for Transit"

My old friends at Mobilizing the Region have crunched the numbers on President Bush’s FY09 budget, and the news is not good for transit. Even in a year where Transporation Secretary Mary Peters is arguing that the federal government should think about getting out of the transportation funding game, Bush continues to set a new […]

Today’s Headlines

Train Arrival Information Vanishes from LCD Screens (Militant Angeleno) Assembly Transportation Committee OK’s Private Funding for 710 Tunnel (Star News) Walkable Urban Living: The New American Dream? (Smart Growth News) WEHO OK’s Biking on Sidewalk (Weho News) LA to SF Bus Service Cut to $5 (Times) Rail Rider’s Union Calls for Doubled Subway Funding (Boi […]