Late Night Train Service on Metro’s Agenda After All


Despite not going through Metro’s Committee Structure, a motion to create a month and a half pilot program of late night train service on Metro’s Red Line.  The proposal is almost identical to the Los Angeles City Council‘s proposal passed last week, but even if the Metro Board acts this week, there are still a couple of obstacles to see extended train service on the Red Line.

First, Blogdowntown reports that there are negotiations underway to delay the startof service until November 14, not November 1st.  This might not seem to be a big deal, but it does cut the pilot program’s length by 25% which could effect the final ridership numbers.

Second, the estimated cost of the pilot program is $85,000 and the Parks-Villaraigosa motion requires that funding gets put together by October 17.  Much of that funding is expected to come from the private sector and putting together the funding during a state budget crunch could force Metro to look exclusively to private funding sources.

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  • Jerard

    Late night Red Line sounds like a good thing at first glance until we come to the realization that the connecting rail services (Blue Line, Gold Line, Orange Line Busway, Metrolink) will not be operating as well meaning this service will be a deterrent to riders.

    Nor will the existing Owl bus routes will be beefed up with added service to feed the Red Line so that riders can actually use riding the subway late night. Nor will there be any additional owl bus routes being added to make this venture worth while. Although this is an attempt to spur more riders onto transit, the execution has a lot of holes as when the connecting service doesn’t come as often as the train that will turn off a lot of potential riders.

  • Marcotico

    I agree with Jerard, that there are a lot of holes, but that is why its a pilot. I think its valuable to have these things run so that Metro can see for themselves what the holes in the service are. besides there are still lots of people who are not 100% transit users, who will drive to the North Hollywood station, and take the red line in Hollywood or into downtown. But they won’t know until they try.


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