Today’s Headlines

  • State Budget Crisis Threatens Measure R (Bottleneck Blog)
  • Life Saving Technology Too Expensive for Metrolink (Times)
  • Paper Wants Fast Tracked Crash Investigation (Star-News)
  • An Introduction to CA High Speed Rail (Trains Are Awesome)
  • State Seeking Ban of Texting While Driving a Train (Real Tech News)
  • House Votes to Loosen Restrictions on Offshore Drilling (NYT)
  • Biden: Obama Presidency Would Be ‘Most Train-Friendly Administration Ever’ (Politico)
  • Hey Wall Street! Anyone Wanna Buy a Rolls? (City Room, Post)
  • Justin

    Banning texting while driving a train is one of those things that allows legislators to seem like they are doing something where in reality they aren’t. There are MANY things (and new things will come along) that can distract a driver of any vehicle, be it train, car or bicycle (and I can’t tell you how many times I have tripped and nearly fell over while jogging because my mind was elsewhere). Creating a law to ban a narrow application won’t save lives. Implementing a technically simple failsafe to catch human failures actually addresses the problem, rather than distracting the public into thinking you are doing something.

    Boo legislators.