Planning Commission Considers Limiting Development in Larchmont Village


LA City Councilman Tom LaBonge is making news again.   On Thursday, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission will hear his proposal to limit the size of new development along the historic "Larchmont Avenue" south of Beverly Boulevard.  The Councilman, at the request of local residents, is hoping to preserve the "small town" feel of the shopping district.  From LaBonge’s weekly email to his constituents:

Tom’s proposal to preserve Larchmont Village will be aired by the Los
Angeles City Planning Commission next Thursday, Sept. 11 at 8:30 a.m.
 The meeting will be held in City Hall Room 1010.  If you plan to
attend and would like to reserve parking in a city lot, please call
Anna Nunez in our office at (213)485-3337.  The commission will
consider Tom’s proposed zoning restrictions which would limit the
height  of any new development in Larchmont Village to 35 feet.  The
plan would also preserve the existing five-foot setback and limit the
width of individual storefronts to 50 feet in an effort to preserve the
small-business atmosphere.

LaBonge has been on the case since residents raised concerns that property owners would see greater profit in renting properties currently leased by small business owners to the El Toritos and Pinkberry’s of the world after the popular La Luna Ristorante lost its lease last year.  If adopted, his proposal could protect these businesses as well as encourage potential chain retailers from moving into three large retail buildings that take up an entire block of Larchmont.

Photo: Sean_Yoda_Rouse/Flickr

  • “If you plan to attend and would like to reserve parking in a city lot, please call Anna Nunez in our office at (213)485-3337.”

    I just called Anna and asked about parking (bike parking) and she said “I don’t understand.”

    She put me on hold and then Tom got on the phone.

    I made the same pitch that I have been making for ages. Stop telling people where to park their cars and start telling people where to catch the Metro, where to park their bikes, how to get to City Hall without bringing another single-occupant vehicle!

    Tom yelled to whoever was in the office with him to “start putting bike parking directions and metro instructions on all event notices!”

    “You can take the 91, you can take the 42, you can take the 107, you can park your bike on Main Street.”

    Someday, all City facilities will be pedestrian accessible, public transit accessible, cyclist accessible. That’s when we’ll know our leadership is serious about multi-modal transportation!

  • Cal Godot

    Everyone in Larchmont should move to an actual small town. Most of them could sell their houses and have castles built; they could pretend to be medieval lords over the nearby smalltown fiefdom. Odds are half of them would hate it but be stuck there, and the other half would die there, so in the end Los Angeles could come out on top. Sane, sensible urbanites could move into their houses.

    Seriously: how do you get your head so far up your ass that you live in the middle of LA and think you have a “small town feel?” It must take a lot of money to get that delusional. (I grew up in a small town [pop: 1036]; I go to Larchmont a few times an month, and it NEVER feels like a small town.)

    Larchmont: where idiots fear not being heard.


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