WTS Lunch Seminar – Richard Thorpe

No one
likes congestion. But what can be done about it? For Los Angeles’s
Westside, the Exposition Light Rail project is one answer. And on
September 17th in a luncheon reception, Exposition Construction
Authority Chief Executive Officer and Metro Chief Capital Management
Officer Richard D. Thorpe will explain exactly how the Expo line will
help, as well as update WTS-LA members on the project’s progress and
the status of other Metro capital projects.

along the Exposition railroad right-of-way between downtown Los Angeles
and Culver City, the 8.6-mile line will parallel the I-10 freeway.
Boasting 9 new stations, the Expo line is scheduled to open in the
summer of 2010. With a projected ridership of 27,000 by 2020, a
30-minute travel time from downtown to Culver City and a proposed
extension to the beach in Santa Monica, the Expo line promises to
change the transportation face of Los Angeles. Want to know more? Join
us on September 17th.

Register On-line at www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=165568

If you have questions or are unable to register on-line, contact Katie Matchett at WTSLosAngeles@gmail.com or 619-813-1987.

For more information about this event and about the Los Angeles Area Chapter of WTS please visit www.wtsinternational.org/la


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