Today’s Headlines

  • CA Moves to Ban Texting While Driving (LAist, Times
  • Metro Investing $100,000 a Year in Lockers at Red and Orange Line Stations (Daily News
  • Big Blue Bus Rolls Out Rapid Lines (SM Lookout)
  • Oil Prices Won’t Dip for Long (Gristmill, Times)
  • Rep. Jackie Speier Proposes Lowering National Speed Limits (SF Chron via Planetizen)
  • D.C.-Area Planners Don’t Want Bike Path Next to Highway Through the Woods (WaPo)
  • Prodigious Bike Thief "Easily the Most Hated Man in Toronto" (NYT)
  • Portland Looks to Expand Streetcar Network Despite Lack of Support from Feds (Portland DJC)
  • Seattle’s Car-Free Sundays Start This Weekend (Seattle PI)
  • Vancouver Transit Agency Responds to Demand With Huge Service Increase (Vancouver Sun)
  • I can verify that the Rapid 7 is running. It’s really just the Super 7 with signal priority. But, hey, it feels like an upgrade even if it isn’t really that much of one.

  • The link for “Big Blue Bus Rolls Out Rapid Lines” is incorrect.