Wilshire Crescent Turns Car Parking to Bike Parking

Ask and ye shall receive. 

The good people at Green Apple seem to have heard our cry for better bike parking.  On my way past the Wilshire Crescent strip mall, the first place featured in Streetsblog’s "Bike Unfriendly Place of the Week," yesterday I spotted a new bike rack bolted down to the parking lot.  The best part?  It was taking what was formally a parking space reserved for automobiles. 

Thanks Green Apple, and thanks to any streetsbloggers who took a second to ask for a small change.


  • YAY!

  • Is that outdoor dining in the other parking spot? If so, that’s great!

  • Bekka


    I was thinking the other day that it would be great if all stores with ample parking would take just one parking spot and convert it to bike parking. I believe I heard that 15 bikes could fit in a single car space.

    This was brought on by my frustration that none of the grocery stores I go to have bike parking, yet have tons of empty car spaces. Vons at Virgil/Sunset recently redid their parking lot (and store) and completely eliminated bike parking. (The security guard at the door told me people kept stealing the bike racks.) Maybe stores with a certain number of car parking spaces should be required to provide bike parking as well.

    It’s a nice dream….

  • Joe

    Could you please remind us where is this?? I want to go by bike and patronize the shops!

  • Awesome! And a good thing they did this, too because of the several times I’ve biked by since your encounter I’ve been on the lookout for a security guard to give him a piece of my mind.

    Joe: It’s the southeast corner of Wilshire and McCarthy Vista (one block west of Fairfax Avenue.

  • The City of Los Angeles does allow certain types of buildings to replace car parking with bike parking – in Commercial or Manufacturing zones, with active use of 10,000 square feet or more, a building can substitute 2% of it’s required minimum car parking for bike parking.

    This is spelled out in a section of Los Angeles Municipal Code 12.21 (I believe).

    It would be great if the zones that this was allowed to take place in were exapanded to include Residential and Open Space zones (like Dodger Stadium). It would also be great if the active use requirement was dropped to either 100 square feet, or done away with entirely. Additionally, I think that 25% or more of the required car parking should be interchangeable with bike parking.

    This would allow developers to avoid all the insane costs of building massive parking lots for everything, andit would encourage more people to bike to their destinations.

  • Charlie,

    Yes. That it was such an attractive (and inexpensive if you’re there for lunch) place to eat that it made me sad when I wasn’t going to go there on principle. Mom and I returned there today for our weekly lunch and sat outside. We’re both happy they made the change.


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