NYPD Thug Attacks Cyclist without Cause. Cyclist Goes to Jail

Words fail when watching this clip of an NYPD officer forcibly knocking a Critical Mass rider to the pavement last Friday. The assault was caught on video by a bystander in Times Square. Compounding the injustice, reports Gothamist, is what happened next:

A representative for TIMES UP! tells us that the cyclist in this video was arrested, held for 26 hours, and charged with attempted assault and resisting arrest.

Mark Taylor, an attorney with the firm representing the cyclist, says he is hopeful the charges will be dropped in light of the video evidence. Asked whether the NYPD plans to go ahead with the charges, a department spokesman said the matter is being investigated. Since the video surfaced, the officer has been put on desk duty.

  • They should do this in DTLA. Possibly on 4th St from the westside (around) Beverly/Vermont to the Eastside (Lorena) using the true East/West definition not the Westside centric one :-P

    Public transit would be exempt of course, no personal vehicles though. Then we can start looking at Van Ness to South LA!

  • just read this article http://www.nypost.com/seven/07272008/news/regionalnews/cop_shoves_bicyclist_121984.htm

    unbelievable in some ways – totally believable in others

  • Oops, my above comment was supposed to go to the SF post…I should stop typing from my phone.


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