Streetfilms: What’s an LPI

A leading pedestrian interval, or LPI, lights up the pedestrian signal a few seconds before vehicular traffic gets the green. This gives pedestrians
a head start into the intersection and makes it less likely that they will be hit by vehicles turning into the crosswalk. LPI’s are also known by their sassier nickname, Pedestrian Head Start. But in my view the best variation on what LPI stands for comes from Christine Berthet of the Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood Association, who proposes "Life Preserving Interval."

Transportation Alternatives has recently begun a push to make these more common in New York City. Here’s hoping our video (featuring some nice visuals from TOPP’s own Carly Clark) can help argue the case.

  • La Petite Interval! Awesome!

  • This is a awesome way to protect pedestrians. I love it. I just spent a few days at the free training on increasing ped safety in Santa Monica – it was a great training, that really opened my eyes to all the troublesome designs for ped in LA. This seems like a great option – should test in downtown LA where we have lots of peds. Great film too. Glad to see Streetsblog giving spotlight on ped issues. We’re all peds at some point during our day.

  • Bekka

    I just read about a similar project in Copenhagen where they are engineering intersections to give bikes a head start as well, as well has moving the stop lines for cars further back away from the crosswalks.

  • Guest

    Um, did we forget that cars can still turn right on a red light?  Nice idea, but I don’t see it as a solution to the problem.

  • Not in New York cars can’t.



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