Today’s Headlines

  • San Gabriel Valley Tribune Explains Views on Sales Tax (Part 1, Part 2)
  • Daily News Profiles 4 Car Free Lives (Daily News
  • Attendance at Foothill Toll Road Hearing Estimated at 10,000 (Times
  • Counties Ready Campaign to Protect Transportation Funding (PE
  • Gold Line Sets Ridership Records (West Ranch Beacon
  • Discount Bus Overflowing in Riverside (PE
  • Times Offers Its Version of Metroquette 
  • Driver Fleeing Cops Kills to Peds. (Times
  • Cop, Kid, Die in Freeway Crash (SGV Tribune
  • That Daily News article … was it written as a joke? That article was so overwhelmingly positive about walking, taking transit, and bike riding that my jaw is still hanging open in shock.

    Maybe journalists at the Daily News have finally gotten updated retail trend reports. Whatever the reason, they aren’t belittling cyclists, pedestrians and transit riders for skipping out on car culture. That is great news!

  • Joe Linton

    The Daily News article was no joke… $5 a gallon gas has got folks looking for ways to get out of their cars. My only wish is that they hadn’t focused on bike/car collisions in the section about me.