Today’s Headlines

  • Rosendahl Peeved that Dodgers Won’t Pay for Buses (Bottleneck Blog, Blogdowntown)
  • Broken Redline Strands Hundreds at Rush Hour (LAist
  • Department of Commerce  Intervenes on San Onofre Toll Road (Times)
  • TOD, One City at a Time (MetBlogs
  • I heard Rosendahl give a talk this past Saturday in Mar Vista Park, and he mentioned how pissed he was that the LADOT won’t bring DASH service to the westside. He wants some shuttle to move people north and south through the area – to allow people to get to work in Santa Monica and West L.A. from places they live in the South Bay, without having them use their cars.

    The Dodgers get totally subsidized customers, and the economic engines on the Westside get zilch – I’d be peeved too, if I were him.

    When I was growing up, someone told me that the boardwalk in Venice got more visitors annually than Disneyland, and that it generated a lot of cash through license and taxes for the City. There are a lot of tech and design firms on the Westside, the land is flat and the weather is nice. DASH shuttles would make a lot of sense in an area that has tons of westside to downtown connections but few intra-westside transit routes.

  • Wad

    DASH expansions had to be tabled because of an audit revealing a $25 million deficit for lines.

    The other problem is that if the Westside does get DASH routes, you know where’d they go? On east-west streets. Duplicating Metro routes.