Metro Board Chair O’Connor Returns To Call-In TV

to the overwhelming response to her first Metro Live TV call-in show,
Metro Board Chair Pam O’Connor will take to the air waves again Wednesday
night, June 25, to promote live public discussion of LA County’s mobility

are invited to call in questions for the Board Chair between 8 p.m.
and 9 p.m. The call-in number will be displayed during the show, which
will air on both City of Los Angeles Channel 36 and CityTV Channel 16
in Santa Monica.  

show will be divided into three segments. The first will focus on Metro’s
Draft Long Range Transportation Plan, which will go to the Metro Board
for approval or amendment on June 26, the day after the Metro Live show.
Board Chair O’Connor will also take questions on the proposed half cent
sales tax for Los Angeles County. The Metro Board will also discuss
the following day if it will try to have a new half cent sales tax dedicated
to transportation placed on the November ballot.  The second segment
will be an open discussion of congestion pricing or toll lanes: what
it is, how it is working in other cities, what it could yield for Los
Angeles County. For the third segment, viewers will be invited to share
their suggestions for coping with the high cost of gas.

will be Pam O’Connor’s last live TV call-in show as Metro Board Chair.
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will take over as Metro Board
Chair July 1.

more information on the show, go to


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