Today’s Headlines

  • Curbed Poll: Would You Support a Sales Tax for More Subways?
  • Mike Feuer in His Own Words (City Beat
  • Rick Thorpe on the Expo Line and Damien Goodmon (Bottleneck Blog
  • Berkely Energy Expert Calls for Gas Tax (The Monthly
  • Freight Rail Blocking LA-SF Bullet Train (Times
  • Nation’s Largest Transit Union Calls for More Transit (Earth Times)
  • Melbourne Cyclists Push for Protected Bike Lanes (Bicycle Victoria)
  • India, Malaysia Latest Asian Countries to Raise Fuel Prices (NYT)
  • Three cheers for Mike Feuer! He is the real deal. He just don’t support transit infrastructure. He’s actually trying to raise the dough to build it.


    The freight rail vs. passenger rail is a complex problem. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach provide tremendous amounts of economic activity. The need to share the same tracks with Metrolink is part of what makes additional commuter rail problematic. Building separate tracks costs a lot of money. I don’t have an easy answer here. But I don’t think freight rail is the “enemy” here. We need to move both goods and people.

    It’s a complex problem which probably requires a complex solution.

    That recent economic “stimulus” package mostly went to pay down debt and stimulate the Chinese economy would have been more effective stimulus had that money been spent on transportation and other infrastructure, on the kinds of jobs and goods that cannot be outsourced and have long term economic development contributions.