Horrific Bike Crash in Mexico Caused by Drunk American Driver

Sometimes a picture is just so horrifying that nothing else needs to be said.  The above shot is from a bike race in Monterrey, Mexico.  Amazingly, only one cyclist was killed.  The driver, an American, was drunk and asleep at the wheel. 

Photo: Jose Fidelino Vera Hernandez / AP

  • There can be no peaceful co-existence between the bicycle and the auto. Bicycle advocates should first be public transit advocates. Public transportation is the only force that can bring the private auto to heel.

  • that person needs to have their throat slashed.

  • Hey, if you want to kill someone and get away with it, run ’em over and say they darted out in front of you.

    I doubt the cops would even take a report.

  • Damien Newton

    Ubrayj, didn’t you notice the cop car that’s sitting right there? Let’s see if they’re better at writing reports than the LAPD.

  • I’d love to see what the cop wrote down about the incident.

    “Pack of cyclists collide with motorist, then move to attack motorist.”

    “Impaired motorist unable to defend himself, required police protection and was taken into custody to secure his person and prevent him from injury or harm.”

    “Cyclists continue to delay traffic by laying across the pavement. Later removed by ambulance.”

    “All cyclists were wearing helmets, but were riding more than two abreast.”

  • Please let it be a Photoshop. Please let it be a Photoshop. Please let it be a Photoshop. Please let it be a Photoshop. Please let it be a Photoshop. Please let it be a Photoshop. Please let it be a Photoshop. Please let it be a Photoshop. Please let it be a Photoshop. Please let it be a Photoshop…

  • This is yet another example of a GREAT reason to sell your ROAD BIKE, buy a MOUNTAIN BIKE, and ride in the WOODS. I have NEVER seen or heard a report of a DRUNKEN TREE jumping out in front of group of MTB riders,resulting in one fatality and multiple injuries. Want to save money on gas? Ride a bus or buy a Hybrid. Want to live and still ride? Get off the roads where all the pissed off motorists are, and try on some singletrack.

    Ride ON!

  • ironic – “nofearatb” is using fear to disaude people from being bicycle commuters.

    no offense nofear… but that is a really cheap shot. what happened in mexico isn’t a GREAT reason for anything, merely a sad statement about alcohol abuse and irresponsible behavior.

    hiding in the woods until motorists cool down is cowardly. bicycle commuters are trying to live healthier, cleaner, happier, simpler lifestyles. getting a hybrid, or getting on the bus is NOT the answer for most people.

    if you want to tuck your tale between your legs at every hint of conflict – fine. we know where the real riders ride… on the street.

  • Hendrick

    Interesting picture, but it was cropped. The original photograph shows that the police car in the wrong lane probably forcing the driver into the pack. Sure, the driver may have been ‘asleep’ or drunk/high, but if you closely look at the unedited photograph, what the hell was the police car doing in the WRONG LANE?

  • Damien Newton

    It was me that cropped the photo. With limited width space for images, I wanted to focus to be on the absolute horror that this head on collision caused. Originally I had up an uncropped photo as you can guess if you read all the comments above.

    As I understand it, the drunk driver had actually blown past some closed road signage in addition to all his other driving issues that day. The road was closed for the bike race. The cop car in the left lane shouldn’t have been an issue.

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  • Holy crap! That is the most horrific image I have ever seen. What a terrible incident…


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  • Jimmy Huero

    As I American who has frequenly been drunk something is fishy about this story. It reeks of a false story planted by either Russian Intelligence or the Mormon church to unfairly discredit both drunks and Ameicans.

  • Asdf

    pinches gringos

  • Lizardking_laah

    pinche gringo pendejo

  • Anonymous

    hahaha “an american” lmao

    yeah, jose gomez a 4’9″ squat indio born in los angeles no doubt. truly an “american.”

  • A fellow American

    lol, may I ask why, out of many of your options to choose from, you decided to use the Russian Intelligence as who planted this story?  I can understand a random person that dislikes the US from any country saying such things, but the Russian Intelligence? ROFL

  • Sam Grunsfeld

    Some people think this looks so funny but what some people don’t get is that it really hurts being someone who has been in bike crashes some like this you should all stop thinking this is so funny!

  • Baba booey

    must be a republican

  • Miles Hall

    You’re an idiot for sure.

  • cl1104

    Wouldn’t have happened if the bikes stayed off the streets that are made for cars!

  • cl1104

    A Mexican police report….that’s a good one…you assume a Mexican cop can write

  • Green tea

    WHO THE HELL RIDES A BIKE IN MEXICO???? OMGGG, after taking many taxi rides by crazy taxi drivers, the thought of riding a bike would be suicide!!!

  • Joe Linton

    Um, if the bikes had stayed off the street, then the speeding drunk driver would have… killed other people? Is that any better? I don’t think the bikes were the problem here.

  • Skye

    People who do bicycle marathons and enjoy riding so much with friends. I also don’t believe it was them riding on the streets that was the problem, but instead maybe it was the drunk idiot that was the problem-which is not only in found in Mexico, but also in the U.S. Instead this should just be seen as the tragic accident that it was, especially considering an innocent life was lost that day, a son, a husband, and a father, died that day doing something he loved.


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