Bon voyage party for plastic bottle raft Sunday

JUNK — a raft made with 15,000 plastic bottles — is ready to set sail! Last week, Anna Cummins wrote about the JUNK voyage‘s
effort to call attention to the frightening plastic pollution in the
oceans — and now you’re invited to the bon voyage party.

Meet Dr. Marcus Eriksen and Joel Paschal — both of Algalita Marine Research Foundation — before they set sail on their 6 week journey from Long Beach to Hawaii. Then follow their progress on the JUNK blog!


The Food Desert & The Real Thing

What’s a food desert?  When I hear the term I think of old Road Runner cartoons or a barren landscape of rocks and sun with a Joshua tree or cactus off in the distance.  It’s not the landscape many Angelenos are currently seeing of green hills, lush full trees and wildflowers blooming after a winter […]

A Truly Offensive Traffic Stop

Over the past several weeks, it seems YouTube videos of police behaving badly in Southern California are dominating our discourse.  The now famous “don’t touch my junk” video in San Diego has become a national sensation, and a national headache for the Transit Security Administration. But over two nights last week, I twice saw local […]

DC Inspires Bike Lane Envy With Curb-Protected Cycling

Here’s a good sign that protected bike lanes are here to stay in American cities: Cities are increasingly trading plastic bollards for concrete curbs, making the lanes a more permanent feature of the landscape. As I reported for People for Bikes last year, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, New York and Portland have all either installed or plan to install curb-protected […]