Cartoon Wednesday: This American Lifestyle


Next American City Launch

Amid the revelry of the American Planning Association conference in Los Angeles, please join the California Planing & Development Report the afternoon of Sunday, April 15, to celebrate the launch of Next American City’s new online magazine, Forefront. What: Next American City’s Forefront launch party, co-hosted by CP&DR. When: 5pm – 7pm, Sunday, April 15 Where: Wuho Gallery, […]

Nate Silver: Is American Car Culture on the Skids?

Nate Silver, the stat-mining fortune teller behind, has written a piece for Esquire suggesting that Americans may be weaning themselves off their collective auto addiction. Falling gas prices aside, driving has been on the decline since late 2007, Silver notes. Taking factors like population and unemployment into account, he wonders: Could it be that […]

Talking Headways Podcast: More Than Just a Box

This week I'm joined by Matthew Heins, author of The Globalization of American Infrastructure: The Shipping Container and Freight Transportation. Matthew talks about how the American highway and rail systems created a global standard for shipping containers, containerization’s effects on labor and relevance to an automated trucking future, and the massive intermodal freight terminals in cities like Chicago.