Cyclist Attacked on PCH

Via the Agoura Hills Acorn:

Bicyclist attacked

I was one of a group of local cyclists riding north in the bike lane on PCH between Trancas Canyon and Encinal Canyon in Malibu around 2 p.m. Sat., April 12. Suddenly I was hit hard from behind, and as the vehicle drove past, a young shirtless man was hanging half out of the passenger window, yelling back in triumph at having punched a cyclist. He was a white man, and I think with blond-highlighted hair.

The car drove off at speed, and we were unable to get a plate number. It was a white or cream pickup of the modern twin-cab "not-quite-a-pickup" like a Chevy Avalanche or Honda Ridgeline.

Several vehicles were immediately behind the assailant’s truck, and if you were in one of them and you have the plate number, please call the Lost Hills Sheriff’s station at (818) 8781808. There is a report on file.

I was fortunate to maintain control of my bike and not fall under a passing car. An ice pack kept the bruising down. These idiots who do this sort of thing tend to repeat themselves. Please report any similar incidents and try to get a plate number, as this kind of "prank" could be fatal next time.
Michael Margolis
Westlake Village


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