Car Free Earth Day for Wilshire Blvd, Parking Lot Mtg. for Eco-Village


As Angelenos enjoy one day of a car free Wilshire Boulevard, the LAUSD will be holding a public meeting on whether or not to build a parking lot in the heart of the West Los Angeles Eco-Village. The School Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 22, Earth Day, at 2 p.m. at 333 S. Beaudry Street.

As we noted earlier in the week, the Eco-Village residents aren’t just a bunch of  NIMBYs about the parking lot, they’ve developed their own plan for a green development that could go on the land planned by a parking lot by LAUSD. If you can’t make the meeting and want to make your opinion heard, fax Boardmember Monica Garcia at 213-241-8459.

Photo: Rasohmer/Flickr


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