Today’s Headlines

  • Mr. Villaraigosa Goes to Washington (Daily Breeze)
  • LAist Breaks Down Transportation in State of the City (LAist)
  • More Hydrogen Stations Coming to LA (Clean Tech)
  • McCain’s Gas Tax Proposal Is a Bad Idea (AP, SGA)
  • Assembly Comittee Wants to Make Life Harder for Speeders (Bottleneck Blog)
  • EU Sticks to Biofuel Targets Despite Impact on Food Prices (AFP)
  • President Ready to Talk Global Warming (Daily News)
  • Bicyclist Shot Near Mar Vista (Times)
  • Skateboarder Struck by Car, in Hospital (Daily News)
  • Traffic Accidents Leave Two Dead (Times)
  • Radical Transportation Engineer

    Yeah so if I was ever even contemplating voting for McCain in the back of my mind, he has completely lost my vote. Suspend or get rid o the gas tax?!?! Really?!?! Yeah, cause, clearly our infrastructure isn’t a problem. I hope Oberstar is all over McCain for this. I just love the mindset of “we’re going to fix everything in the country” with no backup at all about where the money is going to come from. Apparently McCain ‘s got some sort of money tree growing in his backyard…I just hope one of the branches of the magic tree will be dedicated to transportation because we know the rest of the tree will be DOD branches. PS: Loved the comic yesterday.