CALTRANS Thinking of Congestion Pricing on Highways

Just a day after Democrats in New York decided that New York City traffic conditions are just fine and congestion pricing isn’t needed there, alert LA Streetsblog reader Radical Transportation Engineer sends news that CALTRANS is looking for consultants to help study how best to convert carpool lanes into High Occupancy Toll lanes.  CALTRANS’ request for bids can be read below.


  • This got a big guffaw out of me. “Congestion pricing”? Hardly.

    Congestion pricing is a cordon around an area that requires a fee to be paid in order to enter in an automobile.

    These are toll roads and I think they’ve got the equation mixed up. If they want to reduce congestion, they should toll ALL the lanes except the carpool lanes.

  • Anson

    HOT Lanes allow single occupant vehicles to use carpool lanes for a toll. Vehicles above the HOV threshold still may use the lanes without a toll.


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