You’ll Wonder Why You Ever Drove a Car


Are you tired of those flashy car commercials that promote the "amenities" of cars. You know the ones, they’ll promote a sunroof as bringing the driver closer to nature and somehow manage to avoid the corrosive effect car culture has on our world?

Well, via our friends at C.I.C.L.E. comes an ad campaign, designed by former angeleno Katie Faust, that turn these ads on their head. By using flashy pictures and a slick poster design, Fausts’ posters resemble an ad for a German sports car except for the bike in the place usually reserved for a Porsche or BMW. In addition to the slick design, the posters’ text reads like copy I’m bombarded with everytime I turn on the T.V. The poster reads:

360 Degree Moonroof

Just one of many amenities this vehicle offers. Boasting the most sophisticated engine in the world, unparalleled biofuel technology, advanced health maintenance system, 10-21 speed options and a 360 degree moonroof, you’ll wonder why you ever drove a car.

The bad news is that Faust’s posters are a class project and not the start of a national ad campaign, at least not yet.

You can view the rest of the posters at C.I.C.L.E’s website.

Poster by Katie Faust via C.I.C.L.E.

  • Radical Transportation Engineer

    Those are some of the best, most clever ads I’ve ever seen. It would be so phenomenal if it were a national campaign. I wonder if that org with all the money to promote kids to play outside would be interested in something like that. It would be great to find a funding source to really turn this into a campaign.

  • Brilliant, there needs to be more stuff like this. Hmmm… I’m kind of inspired…

  • You want a PSA? I’ll give you a PSA!

    Get your Real Player loaded up and check out the LADOT’s Emmy award winning public service announcement “Laws of Physics”.

    Right click to “Save Link As” this:

    That is what we are to our fellow citizens: “bug splatter”. So frustrating.

  • Damien Newton

    Since this is a holiday weekend for so many of us, let’s end the week on an up note. Say hello to Clarence, the Traffic Calming Bigfoot.

  • ubrayj – was that really an ladot production?

    that is effing ridiculous.

  • Real Player?

    Now THAT’s effing ridiculous?

    Is it 1997?



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