EHO Neighborhood Council Backs Cyclists’ Bill of Rights

Stephen Box reports that the Bike Writers’ Collective’s "Cyclists’ Bill of Rights" picked up an important community endorsement last night.  Via email:

Monday night the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council voted unanimously to endorse the Cyclists’ Bill of Rights as presented by the Bike Writers Collective.

The BWC is a group of bike activists from around the city who ride, write about riding and are working to make LA an even better place to ride.

Josef Bray-Ali of the Bike Oven spoke to the Board of our communities and our quality of life and how we need to work together to create vibrant streets that are prosperous and safe for peds, cyclists, mass transit passengers.

Alex Thompson spoke of the need to communicate to both cyclists and non-cyclists that our streets are public space and that our place on the streets is guaranteed by state law.

The BWC members were pleased to have Sarah, a Parisian student living in East Hollywood, speak in support of the Bill of Rights. She went on to describe the Paris bike program and said she hoped LA would work to encourage cyclists in LA with a similar campaign.

BWCer’s in attendance – Will Campbell, Mike McDermed, Mihai Peteu, Erik Knutzen, Josef, Alex and Stephen.

For those of you that don’t know, the Bike Writers’ Collective is a coalition of 12 of the top cyclist bloggers in the city working together to bring bike issues into mainstream political thought.  For a list of blogs and bloggers that are members, visit their website.


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