Today’s Headlines

  • Metro Will Unveil Long Range Plan Today (Daily News, KNBC)
  • State Could Pay More Than $218 Million for 91 Widening in the OC (Register)
  • Sheriff ‘More Than Sorry’ for Fatal Bike Crash (Palo Alto Daily News)
  • What’s Up With That: Downtown’s One Way Streets (Curbed)
  • LA Denser Than NY? (Livable Blog)
  • Taking Art to the Street (Times)
  • Beijing Pollution Leads Runner to Opt Out of Marathon (BBC via Car-Free USA)
  • The piece about density in New York and LA is really good. It’s something that is constantly on my mind, how terribly misleading that stat is about LA being “denser” than New York. We’ve got to be very vigilant about the geography of metropolitan statistics in this era of ever more sprawling regions, because it can skew the data all over the place.

    I assume that you’re up against the same kind of thing we are in Miami (City of Miami vs. Miami-Dade County), where LA City is engulfed by a much more populous and geographically large LA Metro, which people erroneously interchange when discussing or using stats.