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    Hey thanks for the link. One thing I’m trying to do in my blog is take the long view when it comes to transportation in Los Angeles–A 100-year view to be exact.



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    NBC also announced the MTA’s suit against Parsons, et al. Here is what I discovered last week (on 15 February 2008) via an alleged Metro employee’s post:

    “Southern California’s largest mass transit system filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit Friday against several contractors involved in the design and construction of a light rail line, claiming they failed to meet their contractual obligations by doing substandard work.

    In the lawsuit filed in Superior Court, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority alleged the $300 million Pasadena Gold Line and its supporting facilities were ‘not free of defects … the materials and equipment were not and are not of good quality; and the work did not and does not meet all the requirements of the contract.’
    The lawsuit seeks at least $25 million in damages and a court order requiring the contractors to fix the problems.

    Some of the flaws include deficient and inadequate storm water control and drainage, damaged and deteriorating materials, malfunctioning systems and ‘dangerous, unsafe and hazardous conditions,’ the lawsuit claimed without elaborating.
    The lawsuit’s claims include breach of contract and negligence. The suit names contractors Kiewit, Washington Infrastructure Services, Inc., Parsons Corp., among others, as defendants.”