Today’s Clips

Rubin: Ridership Suffers Because of Metro’s Rail Focus (Times)

Times’ Cyclists Debate Ends with Look at Critical Mass (Times)

Clinton, Obama, Weigh in On Ports Plan (Press-Telegram)

Pol Pushes P3’s (Daily Bulletin)

Villaraigosa’s Campaign Trips Explained (Times)

County Getting Serious About Transportation Funding (Bottleneck’s Blog, Beacon, About LA)

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    I read the opinion of Mr. Rubin’s in the Sunday “Opinion” of the L.A. Times. I had skipped over the by-line but toward the end of the piece it began to sound familiar. That was when I looked up and saw his name.
    We at the Bus bench have an exclusive interview with Mr. Rubin, and were it not for the recently attenuated bus service (not to mention the filming along 4th Street on the western edge of Skid Row), we could have put it up in time to coincide with the aforementioned bit.
    We will get it up in a week or so, however. It is a juicy one, and will reveal much about how the MTA works.