The Case of the Disappearing Question

It could just be that I’m going crazy or senile…but I would swear that yesterday I read a question in Pam O’Conner’s online chat asking about Metro’s policy concerning Metro’s advertisement policies. Specifically, they were concerned that Metro was accepting "racist" advertisements on their buses, stations and bus stops. On my way home from the Council meeting, I grabbed a picture of one of the advertisements.
So, here’s the racist ad…what do you think? Is this poster acceptable or not?
  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if the ads themselves are “racist” per se, but I do know that “El Cucuy” makes a lot of disparaging and insulting remarks about women.

    If the FCC knew how to speak Spanish when they monitor, KLAX would lose their license in a heartbeat for offensive and borderline obscene programming …


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What Questions Would You Ask Daily Transit User Reps. on Advisory Panel to Metro’s Measure R Oversight Committee?

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