Reading the News, So You Don’t Have To

Greuel Wants Transportation Plan, LaBonge Wants Parcel Tax to Pay for It (Daily News, CBS2, KNX 1070)

Editorial: All Communities Need to Pitch In for Gold Line (Pasadena Star News)

Rosendahl Wants Slow Growth in District (Palisades Post)

One Way to "Beat" Congestion Pricing: Fake Plates (WCBS, New York)

City Watch Calls Managed Parking a Plan to Get the Poor Out of Their Cars (City Watch)

Taking Traffic Calming Into Your Own Hands (Streetsblog)

Arizona Follows CA’s Lead on Greenhouse Gas (Range News, Green Valley News and Sun)

  • Justin


    1> On congestion pricing. Why not issue RFID tages similar to SpeedPass to people who plan to enter congested areas during congestion pricing hours? This will cause challenges for “casual visitors” of these areas, but I think the details may be able to be worked out.

    2> I love the do it yourself speed bump.