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Cartoon Tuesday: Neighborhood Council Meeting Bike Lane Bingo

Bike Lane Bingo card by Nathan Lucero

Bike Lane Bingo card by Nathan Lucero

It’s not quite a cartoon, but it is a clever, sad, ironic laugh. Friend of the blog Nathan Lucero posted his Bike Lane meeting bingo card at the Figueroa for All Facebook group.

Not all neighborhood councils are the same; many have been very supportive of facilities for bicycling and walking. It does seem like there is, more often than not, a few complainers who trot out tired excuses for opposing these safety projects. Lucero’s card specifically references the sad, ironic struggle to make North Figueroa safer, in the face of Councilmember Cedillo’s flip-flop, a story you can read here, here, and here. The meetings are still happening as Cedillo’s staff are still pressing for crappy alternative bike routes to keep North Figueroa car-centric and dangerous.

So far, there is only one bingo card, so everyone will be calling bingo at the same moment. Read more…

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Cartoon Tuesday: Transit = Jobs

Jobs graphic

As President Obama stumps for transportation funding, it’s important to remember that investing in transit is good for families, communities and the economy. To see the rest of the graphic, click here.

Today’s submission isn’t really a cartoon, as much as an infographic. Via our friends at Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy comes this graphic from LAANE’s Jobs to Move America campaign. The handsome image clearly and simply explains how a stronger investment in transit is good for everybody in a community, not just those that take advantage of the service.

That one of the graphic artists is Colleen Corcoran, who works on a lot of livability and green transportation projects, including CicLAvia, is just a bonus, to take nothing away from the rest of the team: Rosten Woo and Tiffanie Tran.

To see the rest of the graphic, click on through.

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Cartoon Tuesday: Hocus Pocus

magic - Winter 2014 (1)
The good news is, we’re not alone, it’s not just advocates that are frustrated with the slow pace of transportation funding reauthorization in Washington, D.C. Engineers, advocates, and professionals from across the spectrum are just as nervous.

With the Federal Transportation Trust Fund set to run dry at the end of August and the Transportation funding bill to expire a month later, the above comic offers another funding strategy for DOT’s in the next fiscal year. The fiscal year begins today.

With this comic, we’re rebooting the popular Cartoon Tuesday comic series that was popular in Streetsblog’s early days. The series likely won’t be weekly, but will feature original or licensed work when we can. If you have some you’d like to share with us, drop us a line at

For more hard news on the state of reauthorization of the federal transportation funding bill, make sure to read Streetsblog USA. The above comic first appeared in the newsletter of Miceli Infrastructure Consulting earlier this year.

(Marybeth Miceli, the owner of Miceli Infrastructure Consulting, is the wife of Damien Newton and very occasional Streetsblog contributor.)


Metro Announces 405 Widening Really About Creating First Freeway Separated Bike Lanes

In a surprise announcement, Metro revealed this morning that the much-hated 405 Sepulveda Pass Widening Project will not add one northbound carpool lane as advertised. It will instead add protected bike lanes, aka cycletracks, to both sides of the 405 through the Sepulveda Pass.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 2.59.31 PM

Thumbs up for Metro’s ExpressBikeLanes! Photo: Stephen Hebert/Facebook

Say hello to L.A.’s ExpressBikeLanes.

“It’s no coincidence that the Crimanimalz rode the I-10 on their bicycles at the same time we we doing final planning for the Sepulveda Pass Widening Project, and it got us to thinking…maybe bicycles do belong on freeways,” explains Doug Winning, the head of Metro’s Highway Department. “We only had one widening in the queue, so we made some quick adjustments to our plans to create L.A. County’s first highway cycletracks.”

Winning went on to clarify that the new plans for the project were in the plans for “years” and were not the result of the toll lane project’s decreasing popularity, inflated budget or way-over-deadline timeline. They certainly aren’t part of an attempt to blame bicyclists for the wildly unpopular and expensive project that even the local Metro Board Members, Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and Mike Bonin, believe is a mistake.

Which is not to say this announcement didn’t come with some controversy. Motorists who had their traditionally congestion-free commute on the 405 interrupted with a pair of Carmageddons and sporadic lane and ramp closures are now angry that they won’t be given a chance to risk being ticketed while driving solo in the carpool lanes.

“In truth, we didn’t even have to close any part of the freeway. That part was just for kicks,” Winning continued.

The announcement drew criticism from the Los Angeles City Bicycle Coalition of Cyclists.

“I’m not sure that cycletracks on a freeway with a steep incline is the best idea,” explains Eric Trojans, the LACBCoC. “And what’s with the transponder requirement?”

Trojans is referencing the one requirement that cyclists have to meet to ride in the new ExpressBikeLanes. Cyclists will be required to attach a transponder to their windshield that will notify Metro that there is a cyclist in the lane.

The transponders are free to rent, provided the cyclist rides both ways in the ExpressBikeLane at least 17 times per fiscal year. The fiscal year begins on May 3 and ends on May 4 of the following year. If a cyclist is worried he will not be able to make that many trips, he can link his ExpressBikeLanes transponder account with his or her LAUSD teacher I.D., a Mega-Ball lottery ticket, or a defunct TAP account to avoid transponder fees. Read more…

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Cartoon Tuesday: There Auto Be a Law

My favorite editorial cartoonist in the country is the one at The Onion. True, the cartoonist never agrees with me on any subject, but that’s sort of the point of The Onion, isn’t it? Click the picture to see what Livable Streets program is under editorial fire this week.

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Cartoon Tuesday: Bike Critters

Many of you know Streetsblog editorial board member Joe Linton from his writing on Streetsblog or BIKAS. Those of you that have been around the block also know him from his work over the years with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Cyclists Inciting Change through Live Exchange, CicLAvia, Livable Places or a host of advocacy groups concerning the L.A. River.

What fewer know is that Joe Linton is also a heck of an artist.  So much so, that he’s been tapped to judge an art contest that combines two of his favorite things: bikes and animals.

Today on BIKAS, Linton announces and promotes the Santa Monica Museum of Arts Tour da Arts 2012 Bike Critter contest.  If the term “bike critter” isn’t illustrative enough for you, you can see exactly what they’re talking about at the slideshow above of last year’s entries.

Read more about the Bike Critter contest here and check out the entire Bike Contest Guidelines here.  The Tour de Arts is August 19.

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Cartoon Tuesday/Ad Nauseum: Brought to You by Acura

Did The Media Treat Bachmann Unfairly Because She’s An Insane Woman?

For years, Streetsblog has chronicled some of the most ridiculous car advertisements that appear in print or television. We’ve also tried to occasionally lighten the mood with the “Cartoon Tuesday” series. Leave it to The Onion News Network to give us a chance to do both at once.

In an otherwise ho-hum report on whether or not Michelle Bachman’s presidential campaign was hampered by her insanity, David Barrowdale, whose opinions are sponsored by Acura, is forced to give them from the inside of the car itself. If only all newscasters were required to do the same when their news shows only prevent half the picture on transportation policy before heading off too commercial.


Cartoon Wednesday: Congested Values

The Onion’s editorial cartoonist “Kelly” has a reputation for holding bizarre or downright insane views on issues ranging from America’s place in the world to child support for deadbeat dads.  This week he offers his take on transportation planning, bike lanes, and freedom all in one fell swoop.  Click through to get the punchline, and remember, we’re laughing AT not with him.


Cartoon Tuesday, American Voices, Harassing Cyclists

For the rest of the jokes, Click here.

This week, The Onion’s “American Voices” asks three average Americans their views on L.A.’s recently passed cyclist anti-harassment ordinance.  As you would expect from The Onion, the comments aren’t pretty.  Of course, these three have been answering these questions for quite some time now.

But I have faith that Streetsblog readers are funnier than Onion staff writers, so take a crack at writing your own ridiculous commentary on the law, and leave it in the comments section.  If we get enough comments, we’ll make a poll out of it to crown the winner of a LA Streetsblog t-shirt.

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Cartoon Tuesday: The World’s Best Anti-Sprawl Video

Via our friend’s at NRDC Switchboard comes “Built to Last” an award-winning video by John Paget that the makes the case for “Smart Growth” without ever using the term.  The film id in two parts, a “problem” section that identifies what is the greatest threat to the earth (CUL-DE-SACS!).  The second part identifies the solution, smarter planning resulting in density, walkable communities and places that don’t require a car to do basic things.

I know the concepts of New Urbanism and Smart Growth are old hat to most people reading Streetsblog, but the snappiness of the film production makes it easy to watch and understand for folks that don’t think about urban design in their day to day lives.  So take a second to watch the video, then send it out to your friends and family.  As Kaid Benfeld said at the Switchboard, “…this is a great little video that should be spread far and wide”