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  • Gold Line Foothill Extension Photo Tour: The Maintenance Yard

    The Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Yard will be able to store 84 cars when it is completed. The M&O site will be complete with a train car wash, a train car storage yard, 188 employee parking stalls, and a covered maintenance-of-way facility. In this photo essay, we will explore the Foothill Gold Line’s magnificent Maintenance and Operations tenance-yard/>[...]

  • State Transpo Officials Push to Toll for Maintenance, Not Just Capacity

    Last week, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told state DOT officials gathered at an AASHTO conference in Washington that he was all in favor of tolling – but only to add new capacity. Iowa DOT Director Nancy Richardson says her state should be putting all of its funds toward stewardship. Photo: Iowa DOT “We believe in tolling,” LaHood tenance-not-just-capacity/>[...]

  • FTA: Transit Maintenance — Not Just Expansion — Will Grow Ridership

    Aging infrastructure across the country has become an enormous safety risk. It’s also becoming an economic hazard. SEPTA is forgoing new amenities to focus on making sure their trains don't end up like this one. Brownstoner Last year, the Federal Transit Administration announced that the seven largest rail transit systems had a backlog of $50 billion in tenance-not-just-expansion-will-grow-ridership/>[...]

  • U.S. DOT Admits Status Quo Untenable, Vows to Cut Transport Emissions

    In its second Earth Day release, the U.S. DOT yesterday unveiled a 600-page analysis of transportation emissions mandated by Congress in the 2007 energy bill. In addition to weighing in on many potential tactics for limiting transport’s contribution to the changing climate, the document notably recommits the Obama administration to that goal at a time when Democrats are weighing a delay tenable-vows-to-cut-transport-emissions/#more-91591>[...]

  • Streetsblog Interview: Andres Tena

    Back on the bike: Tena after the "Bike Not to Work Day" ride last week.Late one Thursday night, or early on Friday morning depending your point of view, this April an H3 Hummer hit a cyclist, and what followed is a controversy that fuels emotions that rivals last year’s Mandeville Canyon “Road Rage Doctor” tena/>[...]

  • Governor Brown Signs Protected Bike Lane Bill, Car Fee for Bike Paths

    Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills on Saturday that will make it easier for California cities to build better bike infrastructure. The governor approved Assembly Bill 1193, which means protected bike lanes, or cycletracks, will become an official part of Caltrans’ guidelines on bike infrastructure. Brown also signed Senate Bill 1183, which will allow local governments to [...]

  • Orange County Toll Road Agency Courts Bankruptcy With Highway Addition

    California 241 needs an extension so more people can not use it. Photo: Transportation Corridor Agencies via U.S. PIRG and Frontier Group Today, U.S. PIRG and the Frontier Group released a new report, “Highway Boondoggles: Wasted Money and America’s Transportation Future.” In it, they examine 11 of the most wasteful, least justifiable road projects underway in [...]

  • Guest Editorial: Urban Change in L.A. – Too Little, Too Slow

    Should L.A.’s future look more like the 110 Freeway… Photo: Joe Linton/Streetsblog L.A. There are many suggestions how to ‘fix’ L.A., but we still fail to connect the financial troubles of our city with its physical shape. Our sprawling urban landscape has a structural land use imbalance that is a major cause for our financial problems; [...]

  • The Link Between Northeast Ohio’s Flooding and Its Sprawl

    As Cuyahoga County has sprawled since 1948, with roughly the same population now covering nearly four times the land area, it’s become more susceptible to flooding. Map: Cuyahoga County Planning Commission via Tim Kovach After a string of major flooding events, residents of Northeast Ohio are looking for someone to blame, reports Tim Kovach. Are local governments [...]

  • Wisconsin’s Highway Spending Mania Makes Less Sense Every Day

    Road expansion projects in Wisconsin are gobbling up money that could be spent to repair what already exists and improve transit, bike, and pedestrian infrastructure. Wisconsin isn’t known as a state that makes smart use of transportation dollars, whether it’s Scott Walker rejecting federal funds for high-speed rail service, denying funds for what would have been [...]

  • New Parking in Seattle Comes With a Side of Mixed-Use Development

    This new mixed-use development by a light rail station in Seattle will have 505 housing units and 523 parking spaces. Image: The Urbanist Part of the promise of Seattle’s Link light rail was its potential to create walkable places in the sprawling Rainier Valley. And that’s starting to happen, locals report, but developers are getting some [...]

  • City Nears Purchase of Key Parcel for L.A. River Revitalization

    Map of the 41-acre Taylor Yard parcel G2, which the city of Los Angeles is purchasing to restore and revitalize the adjacent Los Angeles River. Image from City of Los Angeles MND notice. [PDF]A big property acquisition is underway that will set the stage for planned large-scale revitalization of the Los Angeles River. The City of [...]

  • It’s Time to Rethink Old Stereotypes About Renters

    Homeownership rates in Philadelphia aren’t as high as they used to be, and that’s not a bad thing. Map: Pew via Plan Philly. Click to enlarge For a long time, renters have been thought of as a destabilizing force in urban areas. Federal housing policy encourages people to make the jump to homeownership in part because [...]

  • Today’s Headlines

    KPCC Interviews LADOT DTLA Ped & Parklet Prestidigitator Valerie Watson Just Density Without Intensity? Warner Center Plan (LAT) 405 Freeway Toll Lane Politicking In Costa Mesa (LAT) Rapper Gives Metro, Expo Line Thumbs Up (LA Weekly) More on Port’s Electric Truck Catenary Pilot (LA Register) LongBeachize Profiles Mom-and-Pop West River Cycles Shop Kidical Mass, Tour da Arts, and Big Blue Bus [...]

  • Fun and Food in Boyle Heights and South L.A. this Weekend

    Riders at the first Clitoral Mass event in 2012. Sahra Sulaiman/Streetsblog LA If you like to get out and about on the weekends, there are some really great events you might want to plug into. SATURDAY afternoon, women and those who identify as women are invited to join the Ovarian Psyco-Cycles on their third annual Clitoral Mass [...]

  • Today’s Headlines

    The Source Tells All About Metro’s September 15th Fare Increases 210 Fwy Truck Loses Control, Smashes 3 Cars, Minor Damage to Gold Line Construction (LAT) Amtrak, Chris Burdens’ Metropolis, and California’s HSR Future (City Lab) Should High Speed Rail Tunnel Under Santa Clarita? (CA HSR Blog) LA Magazine Interviews LACBC Director Jennifer Klausner More on Riverside-Figueroa Bridge Demolition, New Bridge [...]

  • Today’s Headlines

    Electric Catenary Highway System Trial Coming to L.A. Port (DN) Let’s Go L.A. Looks At Comparable Cost Numbers for Possible 405 Tunnel Strategic Growth Council Funding Workshops This Week (SRTS) Krista Carlson Profiles Cycling Advocate Daniela Saramina (KCET) DTLA Recreation: Giant Slip-&-Slide (Curbed), More Grand Park (Downtown News) Study: How CA Could Be Powered By Clean Energy (KCET) Carnage: Killer 60 [...]

  • Midwest Rail Advocates Take the Fight to Scott Walker

    Rail advocates place this billboard along the corridor where Governor Scott Walker rejected a high-speed rail line. Photo: Environmental Law and Policy Center via The Political Environment In November, voters in 36 states will head to the polls to choose governors. Among the state leaders up for reelection is Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, who faces a strong [...]

  • Report: Urban River Parkways a Cure for Many Ills

    A new report concludes that urban river parkways, like this Los Angeles River bike path, offer significant health benefits. Joe Linton/Streetsblog LA A new report from UCLA’s Center for Occupational and Environmental Health sets out to make the connection between bikeways and walking paths along urban rivers and the health costs of physical inactivity in our [...]

  • In Dallas, You Can Get a “Sustainability” Grant to Widen a Road

    Want to widen a road in the Dallas region? You can get “Sustainable Development Funds.” Want to extend a transit line? No such luck. Image: North Central Texas Council of Governments Some folks on Twitter have been having a laugh about these PowerPoint slides from the North Central Texas Council of Governments. But it’s more sad than [...]

  • Today’s Headlines

    Councilmember Huizar Moves To Keep Sidewalks Open During Construction (LAT) WeHo Developer Proposal: Low Income Residents Can See But Not Use Pool (WeHoVille) Tractor Trailer Kills DTLA Cyclist (Biking in LA, LAT) #LAgetsthere Collaborative Launching (SRTS) The Planning Report Interviews Metro Finance Chief David Yale Aerial Photos of the Riverside-Figueroa Bridge Demolition (Eastsider) A Green Vision For A New Glendale Hyperion Bridge [...]

  • Talking Headways Podcast: Poor Door Von Spreckelsen

    In this week’s podcast, Jeff and I take on the infamous New York City “poor door,” designed to keep tenants of affordable units segregated from the wealthy residents that occupy the rest of the high-rise at 40 Riverside. In the process, we take on the assumptions and methods that cities use to provide housing, and [...]

  • Planning for Third Clitoral Mass in Full Swing

    The Ovarian Psyco-Cycles have spent the last few months planning this year’s annual Clitoral Mass ride with one thing on their mind: creating a safe space for “solidarity between womyn, queer, femme, trans, gender non-conforming, and two-spirited individuals from different walks of life to promote solidarity in bicycling, encourage safety, health in our communities, and [...]

  • America’s Myopic Public Debate About Tolling Roads

    Suspending tolls on the SR 520 bridge in Seattle would likely make traffic worse during a construction project, but that’s what some motorists say they want. Photo: Marc Smith/Flickr Seattle is getting ready to embark on a construction project that will put the squeeze on a few of its major highways. This event, ironically, served as [...]

  • The DOGGR Days of Summer: DOGGR Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Fracking Regulations

    Early drilling operations in Baldwin Hills (photo courtesy of L.A. Times, It’s that time of year again. Time for the Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), the agency tasked with regulating the Oil & Gas industry, to once again skip the home to one of the largest urban oil fields in the U.S. on [...]

  • Sheriffs Blame Cyclist Victim in OC Road Rage Bottle-Throwing Incident

    Screen capture showing Gatorade bottle thrown at cyclist. Source: Youtube On May 31, 2014, Bryan Larsen was bicycling on a crowded stretch of Pacific Coast Highway in south Orange County. He began to notice a pattern of harassment by the occupants of a large white 4×4 Ram Truck, with Texas Virginia license plate “TX 65-500.” When passing [...]

  • Balancing Cars, Cash and Congestion: Metro Silver Line BRT in ExpressLanes

    ExpressLanes along the 10 Freeway looking west from the Soto Street / Marengo Street Bridge during morning rush hour. Though the ExpressLanes (right, with red car) have encountered some congestion, on this morning in early June 2014 they were running smoothly for plenty of drivers. Photo: Joe Linton / Streetsblog L.A. At the April 2014 board [...]

  • Gold Line Foothill Extension Photo Tour: Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

    In this fourth installment of the Foothill Gold Line Extension photo tour series, we explore planned Transit Oriented Developments (TOD) around some of the line’s future stations. Recently, Streetsblog’s Damien Newton and Aviv Kleinman joined a behind-the-scenes tour of the newest Gold Line Extension phase under construction in the San Gabriel Valley. We joined Albert Ho, head of [...]

  • Gold Line Foothill Extension Photo Tour: Iconic Gold Line Freeway Bridge

    The recently completed Gold Line Bridge over the 210 Freeway. Photo: Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority In this third installment of our Foothill Gold Line photo tour series, we explore the Gold Line Foothill Extension’s iconic bridge over the 210 Freeway, as well as a closer look at the line’s other bridges. Recently, Streetsblog’s Damien [...]

  • California Legislation Watch: Weekly Update

    Here is Streetsblog’s weekly highlight of California legislation related to sustainable transportation. School Zone Safety: S.B. 1151 from Anthony Canella (R-Ceres) would raise fines for traffic infractions within school zones. The bill passed the Assembly Transportation Committee, 14-0, and now goes to the Appropriations Committee. Vulnerable User Law Jumps Ahead: A.B. 2398 from Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) [...]

  • Dead Spaces Make for Dead (and Unwalkable) Places

    Mirror, mirror on the wall…of a vacant lot. 43rd. and Vermont. Sahra Sulaiman/Streetsblog LA I’m feeling sorta trashy. Not in that way. I’ve just had trash on the brain lately. Even as L.A. is celebrated for moving toward being more walkable and livable, trash seems to be the one constant, particularly in lower-income areas. One of the reasons is that [...]

  • A Photo Essay of a Tour of the Gold Line Foothill Extension

    This Wednesday, Aviv Kleinman and Damien Newton of Streetsblog joined a behind-the-scenes tour of the Gold Line Foothill Extension under construction in the San Gabriel Valley. We joined Albert Ho, head of Media Relations for the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority, and Jeff Rowland, the Community Relations Manager for the Kiewit-Parsons Joint Venture, the constructors of the [...]

  • Exide’s Third Application for Permit to Handle Hazardous Waste Found Deficient

    “God Bless America”? Folks might feel a little more “blessed” if Exide didn’t shower them in lead and arsenic. I’m just sayin’… Sahra Sulaiman/Streetsblog LA Just after I got word yesterday that the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) had determined that Exide Technologies’ third application for a formal permit to handle hazardous waste at their [...]

  • Former Huntington Park Parking Now a Popular Parklet, More on the Way

    Southern California’s newest parklet on Huntington Park’s Pacific Boulevard. All photos: Aviv Kleinman/Streetsblog L.A. A new phenomenon hit the streets of Huntington Park this year. It’s a space where people can catch up on their reading and feed their coffee cravings, a space where family and friends can gather together, and a space where business deals [...]

  • Gentri-flyer Opens One Hell of a Conversation. Now What?

    Boyle Heights residents gather at Prospect Park for the Primavera Festival and a talking circle on gentrification. Sahra Sulaiman/LA Streetsblog Gentrification.* Much like pornography, everybody is pretty sure they know what it is when they see it, and almost everyone has an opinion about it. But, nailing down a set of defining principles everyone can agree on so [...]

  • California Legislation Watch: Weekly Update

    The California Legislature saw a lot of action in the last two weeks on bills related to sustainable transportation. The deadline to pass bills out of committee was on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, and today is the deadline for all bills to be voted on by their houses of origin. If they couldn’t pass [...]

  • Exide Cited for String of Lead Emissions Violations by EPA

    Folks might feel a little more blessed if they weren’t regularly showered in lead and arsenic. I’m just sayin’…  Exide Vernon Facility, Sahra Sulaiman/LA Streetsblog I receive my fair share of press releases regarding environmental happenings and community events, but few are more morbidly amusing than Exide Technologies’ efforts to paint itself as the good guy [...]

  • Why the Senate Transportation Bill Will Devastate Transit

    Transit officials lined up today to make clear that holding transit spending at current levels — as the Senate’s transportation authorization bill does — will put transit systems at risk of falling further into dangerous disrepair. Beverly Scott of the MBTA warned that current funding levels, as continued by the proposed Senate transportation bill, are “woefully [...]

  • Steinberg: CA Cap-and-Trade Must Fund Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing

    Negotiations over the California state budget are producing dueling proposals on how best to spend revenue from the state’s cap-and-trade program. Senator Steinberg proposes affordable housing as a greenhouse gas reduction strategy. Photo courtesy TransForm. While Governor Jerry Brown continues to call for a third of the cap-and-trade funds to go to CA high-speed rail, Senate President ProTem [...]

  • Location, Location, Location: Contested Public Space Means Moving Watts School Could Deny Some Education

    Carlos Penate speaks to the crowd of INSPIRE students about what the school means to him at a rally yesterday. Sahra Sulaiman/LA Streetsblog “They say they care about our safety, but they’re putting us in harm’s way!” It is a refrain I’ve heard several times over the last month from students of INSPIRE Research Academy, a state-subsidized [...]

  • Today’s Headlines

    DJ Waldie On Being A Pedestrian in Los Angeles (KCET) Bicycling in LA Critiques L.A. Weekly’s Tone-Deaf Distracted Driving Piece – see also SBLA piece Metro Maintenance Workers Have A New Contract (LAT) Subway Fight: Beverly Hills School Dist Spent $3M In School Construction Funds (LA Register) Safe Routes CA Wants You To Sign On To Metro Short Range Plan [...]

  • California Legislation Watch: Weekly Update

    Here’s Streetsblog’s weekly highlight of legislation and events related to sustainable transportation moving through the legislative process in Sacramento. Bike Racks on Buses: A.B. 2707, Ed Chau (D-Monterey Park), would allow transit agencies to install racks that can carry three bikes on the front of buses. Why does this require legislation? Current law limits the total [...]

  • Metro Raising Parking Rates for NoHo and Universal; Most Parking Still Free

    Parking lot at Metro’s Universal City Red Line Station. Most spaces remain free to the driver, but several hundred San Fernando Valley monthly permit spaces will see a rate increase this July. Photo: Joe Linton/Streetsblog L.A. As of July 1st 2014, Metro will raise monthly permit parking rates for two of its most popular and most [...]

  • SB 1183 Is No Longer a Bike Tax

    Senate Bill 1183, the bill from Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) which was originally proposed as a “bike tax,” is no longer a bike tax. This time the change is not just in the bill’s title – the bill, which originally proposed a sales tax on bicycles to create a stable source of funding to maintain bicycle facilities in regional parks, now [...]

  • Metro’s “Short Range Transportation Plan” Meetings Start Today

    Goodbye, articulated buses. Photo: Wikimedia Starting this evening and continuing during the next two weeks Metro is holding community meetings seeking input on its Draft 2014 Short Range Transportation Plan and the companion technical document. Metro describes the plan thusly: … a ten-year action plan that guides our programs and projects through 2024. It advances us towards the [...]

  • DC Inspires Bike Lane Envy With Curb-Protected Cycling

    The new 1st Street curb-protected bike lane takes shape. Photo: BeyondDC/Flickr Here’s a good sign that protected bike lanes are here to stay in American cities: Cities are increasingly trading plastic bollards for concrete curbs, making the lanes a more permanent feature of the landscape. As I reported for People for Bikes last year, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, New York and [...]

  • CA Sen. Steinberg Proposes New Spending Plan for Cap-and-Trade Revenue

    Senator Darrell Steinberg’s new proposed spending plan for CA cap-and-trade revenue. Senate President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) announced a proposed plan to create a permanent spending strategy for cap-and-trade revenue [PDF] that prioritizes investments in affordable transit-oriented housing, transit expansion, and CA high-speed rail. Unlike the Governor’s plan for this year’s budget, Senate Bill 1156 also [...]

  • The Week in Livable Streets Events

    Schools are on their Spring Breaks, most Council meetings are in recess, so our schedule is a little on the light side. Wednesday – L.A. City’s Board of Public Works discusses mitigation measures for tree removal for construction of Metro’s Crenshaw line. A joint neighborhood council task force has been negotiating with Metro and the city [...]

  • California Legislation Watch: Weekly Update

    For social media coverage focused on statewide issues, follow Melanie @currymel on Twitter or like our Facebook page here. Here’s Streetsblog’s weekly highlight of legislation and events related to sustainable transportation at the California capitol. The big news out of Sacramento is that Caltrans endorsed the NACTO Urban Street Design Guidelines. S.B. 1183, Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord): this is the [...]

  • EPW Big Four Announce Plan to Maintain Status Quo for the Next Transpo Bill

    Sen. Barbara Boxer, together with Sens. Carper, Vitter and Barrasso, announced their agreement to maintain the status quo with the next bill. Screenshot from press conference. Last year, while the House flailed in partisan misery, the Senate passed a transportation bill 74 to 22. When the bill was signed into law, it was considered one of [...]