Today’s Headlines

  • Measure M Is A Game-Changer (Investing in Place)
  • Two Cyclists Shot On L.A. River Bike Path In Elysian Valley (KTLA, LATBiking in L.A.)
  • Curbed Takes A Look At LADOT’s New Plan For Urban Mobility In A Digital Age
  • L.A. City Council Removes Westwood and Central Bike Lanes From Mobility Plan (KPCC)
  • How Rolling Rent Stabilization Could Help L.A. Affordability (Better Institutions)
  • Metro Board To Vote On Funding For 17 Open Streets Events (The Source)
  • Carnage: 3-Vehicle Crash Kills One On 105 Freeway In South L.A. (LAT)
    Hit-and-Run Crash Kills One In Culver City (LAT)
  • Angels Flight Rail Car Graffiti-ed (LAT)
  • Meet Two New L.A. Transportation Engineers (LADOT LeapLA Blog)
  • What Density Doesn’t Tell Us About Sprawl (Access Magazine)

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  • Alex Brideau III

    Regarding the official removal of bike lanes from Westwood and Central: Disappointing, but not surprising. As is the habit of some LAPD officers to block the newly “protected” bike lane on Los Angeles St.

    I’m one of those “hesitant cyclists” that don’t feel safe on our current bike infrastructure, and I’ve gotta say it seems like our city’s bike-friendly infrastructure improvements seem to be progressing much slower than in other large cities.

  • effron

    It goes at a snail’s pace doesn’t it? And when it does progress it’s often so segmented and disjointed as to be practically useless.

    That said, while I can appreciate the showiness of a Westwood bike lane, there are far safer and more practical paralell streets for that journey. Veteran for example. It goes north/south crosses all the major ateries at traffic lights and will hook the user up safely and easily at the Westwood Expo stop. Westwood Blvd is a suicide run.

  • M

    I very much agree. I feel like in my area, it’s 2 steps forward, 1.5 steps back. Like literally I have been unable to use the LA river Bike path near my home for this ENTIRE year because of the El Nino “flood” work that blocked the bike lanes and now work being done on the freeway (and supposedly it is going to be closed for over ANOTHER 3 YEARS:

    There was a half-assed bike lane installed near my home and despite ridiculous numbers of photos I’ve taken showing car drivers abusing the bike lane and many other efforts to bring this to various people’s attention, I finally got an email telling me improvements were being made to the bike lane. That was over a month ago, nothing has changed and none of my subsequent emails have been answered.

    I wish the freeways were as spotty, inaccessible and not-build for the intended use as bike lanes were sometimes to drive home the point. The randomly placement and segments of bike lanes make people that drive even MORE angry and non-logical than usual at times. People don’t understand why you’re not in the bike lane because they don’t pay attention to the vehicles blocking the bike lane, the hazards like cracks and other debris in the bike lane or that they bike lane just randomly disappeared at the WORST time for a cyclist to suddenly merge into traffic that includes cars trying to get on/off the freeway or other major streets. People scream at you to get in the bike lane without understanding there very well may not be any bike lanes to take you where you need to go.

  • Sine Metu

    Edit: Replied to the wrong person. Sorry Effron!

    Relying on bike infrastructure to arrive is a good excuse to never ride. Better to get some training and never have to worry about where you ride again. I say this as both a vehicular cyclist and as someone who does want more infrastructure (even though most of my conflicts occur in the very few miles of bike lanes I ride daily).

    There are increasing numbers of riders on Westwood. I see them every day. I also am very happy to report that I am seeing cyclists actually taking the lane on Westwood more often as well. Never saw that 2 years ago. That has several implications but the foremost one is that there are more trained cyclists out there.

    So while blocking bike lanes on Westwood might depress the numbers short term – you will still have plenty of people riding it. This is at best a temporary victory for Koretz and his cabal but he cannot do anything to stem the tide long term. Finger in the dike.

    It’s too late. They won’t stop riding Westwood. There is literally nothing the local homeowners can do beside killing them – which still won’t be enough to offset the ridership increases we’ve been seeing lately.


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