NBC 4 Interviews Psychopath Concerning Famous “Dead Man’s Curve” Crash

Last night, NBC 4 delivered the depressing news that despite video footage showing a motorcycle slamming into two cyclists from behind while speeding around a “blind” curve in Mullholland Valley, authorities have yet to charge anyone in the crash.

To add insult to injury, NBC 4 managed to find a psychopath with a chip on his shoulder to represent the “pro running over cyclists” argument. NBC 4’s Angie Crouch managed to take his deranged ramblings at face value.

“You’re going 35 around a 15 mile per hour corner. That’s the thrill of it,” boasts dangerous motorcycling advocate Brian Durchee.

“There’s nothing like it. I’m 46 years old and I ride my motorcycle as much as I can, and you know, live on the edge,” the man-child continues.

After some boring interviews with bicyclists complaining about their lives being put in danger, Crouch returns to Durchee with the lead-in that he “doesn’t like bicyclists.”

“I’ve wanted to get off my motorcycle and tell the guy, ‘get off the road.’ On this incident, he let the guy know, ‘hey get out of the road.’ The hard way…” Durchee finishes with a laugh.

By treating Durchee as anything other than a criminally negilgent thrill seeker, NBC4 is basically agreeing that there is a valid reason to drive dangerously and endanger other road users. By not filing charges, the police are basically agreeing.

For more on background on the story of the crash, visit Biking in L.A.

  • bikinginla

    Interesting. Crouch reached out to me for a comment, but never bothered to return my call.

  • Anonymous

    Is the video by one of the crews that sits out there, hoping for dramatic footage like this? I’m wondering how many times someone has gone tear-assing around that curve hoping to go viral.

  • ubrayj02

    You’re going to have a hard time fighting against the “I can’t ride 55” crowd.

  • Baker

    Let’s make the curves a little more exciting by spilling some oil there. Also sand or gravel will work.

  • Paul

    Slow bicyclists? You can have 2 bicyclists riding side by side and still have room to pass – in the same lane? wtf?