Announcing: The Spring Street Green Buffered Bike Lane Photo Contest

Following the surprisingly strong response to yesterday’s sarcastic short on the Spring Street Green Buffered Bike Lane, Streetsblog is proud to announce a new photo contest to our endangered bike lane project. For those that missed it, at the insistence of L.A. Film and other film industry groups the city seems poised to let the green paint on the Spring Street Buffered Bike Lane fade away. In response, Streetsblog published this helpful map to help confused film crews find places to film that don’t have green lanes.

Sadly, sarcasm isn’t enough to turn the tide of the debate. So today we’re proud to announce our own photo contest for the best pictures, captions included, of the green lane in action. The first two submissions are already in. Can you do better? Send a link to or just post a link in the comments section. We’re not going to reveal who took which pictures until after voting is completed. The winner gets a Streetsblog prize back, including t-shirts and other schwag.

The Spring Street Green Buffered Bike Lane stopping film crews from working in Los Angeles....errrrr....
I live on Spring and took this photo two weekends ago. As the green paint wears off, so does the respect for the bike lane itself--all it takes is one or two people to start driving on it in a traffic jam, and suddenly no more bike lane.

4 thoughts on Announcing: The Spring Street Green Buffered Bike Lane Photo Contest

  1. I don’t recall there being much respect for the bike lane even when the paint wasn’t worn. Last time I rode down it, the bike lane was packed with stopped cars and the cops who were directing traffic did nothing.

  2. Nice pictures .. If you want to try close-up photography without the expense of a macro lens, then extension tubes are a good alternative. Three tubes of varying depth form a set of extension tubes. A tube or combination of tubes is fitted between the camera body and the lens. Moving the lens away from the sensor reduces the minimum focusing distance to allow close-up photography.

    Image source

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