Today’s Headlines

  • Now They’re Saying Green Line Station at LAX Might Be Online by 2020 (LAT)
  • Some Westside Expo Supporters Worry About Expo “TOD” Plans (City Watch)
  • CA Issues Moderate Fracking Rules (LAT)
  • Finally, Fix Proposed for Flawed Expo/Blue Line Junction (LAT)
  • Teenage Cyclist Shot in Torrance (Biking In L.A.)
  • Let’s Hear It for the Downtown Streetcar Team! (Downtown News)
  • Metrolink Upgrading Locomotives (The Source)
  • Now It’s the Electric Billboards That Keep Us Safe From Terrorists (Curbed)
  • More Details on WeHo’s Robo-Parking Garage (Curbed)
  • It’s Windy (Daily News)

More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

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Today’s Headlines

Metro Planning to Retool Its Bus System (The Source) Next Friday (not tonight) is Bike Night at Union Station (Metro Facebook) L.A. City Approves $9.2 Billion Budget (KPCC, LAT) …Including $27 Million for Vision Zero (Curbed) Expo Line Neighborhood Plans Going Nowhere (LAT) Culver City Studies Feasibility of Downtown Protected Bikeway (Urbanize) More on the Motion […]

Today’s Headlines

Metro Bus Driver Shot and Killed – Allegedly by Passenger (LAT, Daily News, The Source) Suspect Identified, Booked (LA_Now, Daily News) Is Expo Unsafe at the Washington Blvd. & Flower St. Blue Line junction? CPUC Inspectors Move In (LAT) Sports Carmageddon in DTLA Also Not an Issue (Daily News, Press-Telegram) Hollywood’s Pedestrian Alley Doing Great (Curbed) […]

Today’s Headlines

Regional Connector Heads to Court (Downtown News via Curbed) Some of the Best of Expo Coverage (LAT, KPCC, Intersections, NBC4) LA’s Lack of a TOD Plan for Expo Could Lead to Gentrification (LAT) The Source’s In-Depth Expo Coverage (Art, Day 1, Zombies, MRT, Bikes, Giants) Crenshaw Line on the Way! (L.A. Sentinel) Bev. Hills Courier […]

Today’s Headlines

Zev’s Hagiography of Transit Expansion, Orange Line Extension (ZevWeb) LAT Celebrates Reports: 55% of Californians Now “Oppose” High Speed Rail Brown Looks to Strengthen HSR’s Legal Hand with New Legislation (LAT) West LA Neighborhood Council Trying to Kill Expo Adjacent Residential Development (Curbed) City Weighing Clean-Up Plan for Skid Row (LAT, Daily News) Not Using […]

Today’s Headlines

AEG Says It Could Pursue Convention Center Improvements Without Farmer’s Field (LAT) And Anschutz Says He’ll Just Buy a Team if He Has Too (LAT) New L.A. Impound Policy Goes Into Effect in Three Weeks (Daily News) Run a Stop Sign in Santa Monica, Get a Ticket That Costs More Than Many Bikes (Daily Press) […]

Today’s Headlines

Ted, Let’s Pack It In. The Times Has the Bike Beat Covered Now LAT: Guys, Chill Out in the Comments on Our Bike Stories LAT: Don’t Forget Walktober! It’s Not All About Bikes! LAT: Raw Advocacy Lead to Bike Lanes on Colorado Boulevard LAT: Send Us Video of Bike Lane Blockage Businesses Make More Money […]