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  1. Only 5% of Metro Riders Evading Fares Before  Costly Turnstile Installation (LAT)
  2. LASD Says Controversial Gate Locking Will Stop 3% of Evaders (LAT)
  3. LASD Issued Enough Tickets Over Fare Evasion Over 2 Years to Pay for One Turnstile (LAT)
  4. Metro’s Goal: Bring Fare Evasion from 5% to 3% Yielding $2.4million in Fares Annually? (LAT)
  • Najarian Has a Plan to Stay on Metro Board (Glendale News-Press)
  • Pasadena Council O.K. with Big Dig if Trucks Are Excluded? Guys, It’s a Freight Project. (Pasadena Sun)
  • Metro Is Really Proud of the Design of This Gold Line Bridge (The Source)
  • “Techxpo Line,” Cute. (Curbed)
  • Wait, SaMo Is Considering Halting All Development? (Curbed)
  • Best Wishes, Governor (KPCC)
  • House Republicans Pledge No New Federal CAHSR Funding (SacBee)

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  • Santa Monica’s not considering halting all development — it’s considering putting a moratorium on *development agreements*. Development agreements are typically used on large or complicated projects that don’t really fit into the existing zoning regulations. It’s a legally binding contract between the city and developer that allows the development to proceed regardless of whatever regulations the city subsequently imposes. In exchange, the developer usually agrees to provide a set of benefits — cash, infrastructure, etc. — to mitigate the impacts of the project. There have been some high-profile projects like Farmers Field, LA Live, etc. that required DAs, but depending on what the zoning allows, a DA can also be necessary to build, say, medium-sized mixed-use complexes, as is frequently the case in Santa Monica.

    DA applications are really time-consuming for planners to review and process (taking resources away from other projects), and the SM planning department is asking the Council to let it take a breather. They’ll still process run-of-the-mill applications for single family homes and small apartment buildings that stay within the existing zoning — just not bigger stuff.

  • Najarian’s game plan looks sound to rebound from the shot across the bow by the pro-710 tunnel folks.

  • It’s worth noting, though, that given the types of projects being proposed nowadays, as well as the restrictive nature of zoning in SM that often makes DAs, a necessity, a moratorium would put a halt on a substantial portion of development in the city.

  • Anonymous

    More proof that we won’t get urban redevelopment on a meaningful scale under the current zoning/permitting scheme.

  • Anonymous

    Toll roads to nowhere…,0,1140719,full.story

    Surprisingly, if you build an oversized toll road (6-8 lanes instead of 4), allow no development anywhere near it, and then spend billions widening the competing freeways, you won’t make enough money to pay the bonds. Maybe we can apply this lesson to the High Desert Corridor, and if we actually build it, start with only 4 lanes, not 6-8?

    Also, how about applying the same idea to transit… you need development to justify your infrastructure investments.