Today’s Headlines

  • Downtowners Vote to Fund Streetcar (KPCC, L.A. Weekly, LAT)
  • Union Station Master Plan Meeting Is Tonight! (The Source)
  • New Hitching Post “Plaza” at Sunset and Alvarado Could Beautify Neighborhood (Eastsider)
  • Apparently City’s Plan to Trim Trees Once Every Three Decades Is a Bad Idea (Daily News)
  • Asm, Feuer Hospitalized in Car Crash (KPCC)
  • Update, Candidate for City Attorney “Hit by Truck” (Daily News)
  • Good News Enviros! City Simplifies Greywater Permits (KCET)
  • Metro Releases Formal Statement on Measure J (The Source)
  • Protester Dangles from Traffic Light…Needed Help Down (ABC 7)

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  • Chance

    I like the idea of the special assessment districts.  All the rail lines that I help pay for do very little to improve my quality of life.  Although the multiple billion dollar price tags of rail lines will require funding from multiple sources (city, county, state, federal) it would be nice if those who actually benefit directly paid a little bit more then the majority of people who get almost no benefit.

  • PC

    That Echo Park “beautification” proposal is a hoax, right? Right?

  • PC

    Interesting about the greywater permits–I hadn’t been aware that the process in LA was such a hassle. I do remember reading from more than one source that the typical practice for decades statewide has been to ignore the plumbing code and permitting process and just do it, since nobody is ever going to check your plumbing that closely.