Today’s Headlines

  • Battle Over At-Grade Crenshaw, Leimert Park Station, Goes National (NYT)
  • Apparently, Not Everyone Has Gotten the Word on Those Toll Lane Transponders (Zev Web)
  • Mega Bus from Union Station to SF, LV Starts 12/12. Tix on Sale Now (LAT, The Source)
  • Brace Yourself Media, Your Funders Are Here…the Car Show Is Here (Daily News)
  • .3 Miles of New Bike Lanes in East Hollywood (BIKAS)
  • New AMGEN Route Features Less of Los Angeles Area (Daily News)
  • Daily News Goes to War on High Speed Rail (Fox 11)
  • Clerical Worker Strike Causes Partial Shutdown of Ports (LATLB Post)
  • Measure J Rising, But Too Slowly in Mail-In Votes (The Source)
  • L.A. Dominating the Race for Food Truck Supremacy (Atlantic Cities)
  • It’s Raining (Daily News)

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  • NY Times article is lazy reporting. The dysfunctional dynamics of South L.A. politics is given a over-view in this 2008 piece by Bill Boyarsky — note especially the penultimate paragraph on the real reason for the disgraceful failure and closing of King Drew Hospital:

  • Joe B

    “It’s partly a marketing tool.” — Metro Toll Lane Executive Stephanie Wiggins, on sending out citations to thousands of carpoolers using the formerly free toll lanes.

    This Is What Is Wrong With Metro.

  • Anonymous

    But the Tour’s Stage 3 starts in Palmdale, so we are happy here.