Today’s Headlines

  • Drivers Grumble, ExpressLanes Off to SmoothStart (LAT)
  • Congestion Free Trips for Single Occupancy Vehicles Could Go to $15.40 (LAT)
  • Are Toll Lanes a Slippery Slope? (SGV Tribune)
  • Judge Won’t Stop Work on Regional Connector Despite Lawsuits (Downtown News)
  • Transit Coalition Chair Ken Alpern: Measure J Is Gone, What Now? (City Watch)
  • Huge Porsche Playground Approved for Golf Course in Carson (Daily Breeze via Curbed)
  • Update on Progress on Expo Bikeway (LACBC Blog)
  • 89 Year Old Man Beaten on Culver City Bus Earlier This Month Dies (LAist)
  • Malibu Nets 5 DUI’s with Weekend Traffic Sting (Daily News)
  • CA Gas Usage Continues Its “Long-Standing General Trend” of Decline (SacBee)
  • March Brings a Flood of Candidates to Municipal Elections (LAT)

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We’ll have a lot more on ExpressLanes tomorrow, we’re under a light schedule today in honor of veteran’s day.

  • Joe B

     Translation of LA Times article: Drivers are vocally unhappy with the HOT lane rollout, but chronically out-of-touch Metro Executive Stephanie Wiggins interprets dissent as agreement and proclaims a “Smooth Start”.

  • Matt

    Single drivers have absolutely nothing to be mad at even though many of them seem to be.  Before the project, they could not legally access the lanes.  Now they have an option for a fee to access them.  If they don’t want to pay, then they are no worse than before.  Public transit riders win, because of the money spent on the El Monte Bus Depot, the Silver Line improvements and increased bus service in the area from the initial funds as well as the ongoing tolls.    Casual carpolers are the only ones really negatively affected by this as they have to get a transponder.  AS for vanpools and people who actually carpool every day it is no big deal, except they have to actually order a transponder, which is useful if you ever go to Orange County or the Bay Area.