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“If most American cities are about the consumption of culture, Los Angeles and New York are about the production of culture — not only national culture but global culture.” – Barbara Kruger

  • There’s no other way than saying it: the Barbara Kruger bus is simply and utterly awesome (Twitter, @Waltarrrrr).
  • LAX has the worst thieves… And by thieves, I mean TSA thieves (LAist).
  • A push to temporarily ban big-box stores fails — and that most likely means Chinatown will be gettin’ a Wal Mart (L.A. Times).
  • Anaheim approves $319 million streetcar program, thereby making your Disneyland jaunt more accessible (O.C. Register).
  • Legal brief regarding Expo Line Phase 2 is released (The Source).
  • Bay Area transit Clipper card goes Big Brother and, whether you like it or not, keeps track of you for up to seven years (S.F. Chronicle).
  • Not gonna lie: there can’t be enough said about Park(d) Plaza (Long Beach Post).
  • Ah, to wear a helmet or not? (Washington Times)
  • ATV and snowmobile maker launch their electric bike that gets up to 20mph (Autoblog).
  • A woman was stabbed while jogging in Rossmoor in North O.C. (LAist).
  • The three-way bicycle (get your mind out of the gutter) that puts one of your kids on the back and one on the front (Atlantic Cities).
More headlines are here, at Streetsblog Capitol Hill.

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  1. The city council ordinance wasn’t just “big-box” stores… it was anything over 20,000 SF if I recall correctly, and that’s about the size of your typical CVS or Ralph’s.

    I’m no fan of Wal-Mart (and their union-busting tactics in particular) but I have to think that in this case, the outrage was more about a name than the actual facility, which is pretty much a grocery store. If it had been a Ralph’s or a Vons, would it have been this big of an issue?

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