Today’s Headlines

  • Behold! Metro unveiled two new platforms serving Metrolink and Amtrak at Union Station yesterday (The Source)
  • Do you like Goonies? How about streetcars downtown? This might be your weekend (Downtown News)
  • Turning land at east edge of downtown into hub for green jobs and cleantech companies proves challenging (Downtown News)
  • Should I stay or should I go? LaHood seems to be weighing the options (Politico)
  • Mapping the potential for solar power on every roof (Atlantic Cities)
  • Want to know more about the historical relationship between securing access to oil and foreign policy? Feeling nerdy? Check out the release of govt. documents from the Energy Crisis (1974 – 80) (U.S. Dept. of State)
  • 7 plans for turning parking spaces into parks (L.A. Curbed)
  • A TOD site anchored by a car dealership? Only in L.A. (L.A. Curbed)
  • A housing development that puts cyclists and pedestrians first? Only in Echo Park. (The Architect’s Newspaper)

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  • J

    To be fair, a massive development in Manhattan is anchored by a Mercedes-Benz dealership. We’d never call it a TOD, since everywhere in Manhattan is transit-oriented, but it’s the same idea.

  • Erik Griswold

    Isn’t the project at Olympic and Bundy just a rehash of the defeated Bundy Village?

  • Chairs Missing

    I call b/s on that Barbara Bestor project. Just look at the geography… no one moving in there will be walking or cycling around Echo Park for their daily errends, they’ll be car-dependent. Adding density up narrow hillsides, far from transit stops or practical amenities is just more sprawl.

  • This discussion has been going on on Eastsider too, and this is basically my takeaway.  I really like the idea of the development, if they had only been putting it anywhere near transit, retail, or jobs.

  • calwatch

    Killer traffic calming, or just people driving too fast? This story from Whittier:

  • calwatch

    Killer traffic calming, or just people driving too fast? This story from Whittier: