Today’s Headlines

  • Road Builders Complain Gov. Won’t Turn Carpool Over to Casual Drivers at Rush Hour (Roads and Bridges)
  • It’s Official, Measure J on the Ballot (BH Courier, Patch)
  • The “Flow Boulevard Guy” Writes Another Screed Against Measure J (City Watch)
  • At The Source, Steve Hymon Responds to Kavanagh’s Critique of the 405 Widening Project
  • Editorial Sides with Port Over Community in Rail Yard Debate (Press-Telegram)
  • Columnist Rips City, AEG, Over Plan to Sell Company and Build Stadium (Downtown News)
  • Crossing the PCH Still Super Scary for Less Affluent LB Students (Voice Waves)
  • National View: L.A. Handled Carmageddon, Again (Atlantic Cities)
  • Nobody’s Ever Been Arrested for Leaving Their Child in a Bike Seat (Daily News)

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  • Anonymous

    Man, that guy Phil Brown really doesn’t want to explain what a Flow Boulevard is or how it works.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me, or do we already have a bunch of flow boulevards downtown, where everything is grade separated and pedestrians are expected to use a bunch of confusing elevated plazas and sky bridges… you know, the area that both drivers and pedestrians find unbelievably confusing, and try to avoid at all costs? :)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I’ve tried reading his website and I still don’t really get it.

  • Flow Boulevards guy is so bad, it’s almost good. Like performance art.