Today’s Headlines

  • City Moving Ahead with Stadium Plan (KCET)
  • Even as Plans for Privatizing Convention Center, Zoo, Get Pushed Aside for Now (Daily News)
  • Visiting Four Park(ing) Day Spots in DTLA (Curbed)
  • Transit Interview Map Shows Where Riders Said What About Metro (Neon Tommy)
  • More Safety Improvements Coming for Expo, No Speed Up in DTLA (LAT)
  • Problems Persist for NBC Universal Project, Still Cuts Bike Path (LACBC Blog)
  • Not Everyone Thinks LA’s Transit Plans Are Great (LA Weekly)
  • Metro Theoretically Asks ‘How About Bike Escalators?” (The Source)
  • Streetsblogger Michael Eisenberg Gets Right Hooked, Is O.K. (Biking In L.A.)
  • Safety Enforcement Sting for Peds/Cars Tomorrow Near Cal State Northridge (Daily News)
  • Long Beach Excited for Bike Share (Everything Long Beach)

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  • PC

    Interesting article in the Weekly, if only because it could signal an emerging alliance among the transit-clueless on the right and the left.

  • Anonymous

    The LA Weekly has inexplicably been anti-transit for quite a while now. The worse offenders are Simone Wilson, Patrick Range McDonald, and Dennis Romero.

  • I think the anti-transit bend many people see at the Weekly is just an extension of the “anti-City Hall” bend to a lot of their reporting. For example, Wilson has written a lot about the BRU and the need to improve bus service in the past. Regardless of one’s views on the BRU, I think we can all agree the buses could and should be better.

    I also think the paper has some balance on the transit/transportation issues with excellent pieces by Hillel Aron and, of course, the amazing Alissa Walker. I’m sure I’m missing some people, but Aron/Walker came right to mind.

  • king

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