Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Gives Green Light to Measure J Transit Tax Extension, Gov.’s Pen Next? (The Source)
  • Academics Question UCLA Report Questioning High Speed Rail (The Day)
  • An Open Letter to the Expo Construction Authority (Biking In L.A.)
  • Bike Nation May Come to Long Beach (Press-Telegram)
  • Meanwhile LB Bike Programs Leading to Business Boom (CoCo Times)
  • OC Plans for 28 Miles of New Bikeways (Register)
  • A Positive Look at the LEED Certified El Monte Transit Center (Metro Mag.)
  • “Cost” of Occupy Continues to Rise (Daily News)
  • Still Totally Worth It. More Closures for 405 (Daily News)
  • Roadshow: Drivers Recount Horrifying Tales of Killing Pets on Neighborhood Streets (Mercury News)

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  • ZStern

    Does anyone else think that Bike Nation may be getting in over there heads?  Correct me if I am wrong but they have one operational station in Anaheim and have a contract with LA to build 400 stations in two years and now proposing 250 more in Long Beach?  I also hear Santa Monica may partner with them.

    I hope these guys are hiring like mad and know what they are doing.  It is nice to see that we may have an integrated network but as of now the materialization of that network seems shaky at best.

  • Way to go OC? That’s confusing.